[Pet] The Sixth Con of Cang-Jei

This pet is supposed to give 100% chance fatality, when i use the pet, i end up with 120% fatality rating ( 20% base stat ) but the pet doesnt seems to work ( on 20 mob i only got 3 fatality )

Steps to Reproduce.

  1. Buy the pet at shadow of jade merchant ( in kk - need to be rank 4 )
  2. Summon the pet and check your stats ( 120% fatality rating )
  3. During those 15 s put a mob under 5% hp and do a combo finisher.

As far as I can tell, it does not and should not give 100% fatality. It has an effect of 100% to fatality chance. So if you have a chance of say 1 in 10 without, you would have a chance of 2 in 10 (1 in 5) with. I tested and although my sample size was small, I did see more fatalities with than without.

[Guide] Fatality and YOU

100% fatality chance still means you need to trigger to fatality. If your last combo/spell is strong enough to otherwise kill the target 100% fatality chance will give you fatality. However in some rare cases fatality still won’t proc.

I’m pretty sure there are some combos in game that cannot fatality.

Yeah the pet works fine for me, inc. in pvp.