Pet/Thrall Follow distance

A pet/thrall follow distance is needed asap. Not being able to set how close/far they follow really ruins pets/thralls. This is needed to prevent them from constantly getting you killed and locking you against walls (like in dungeons). Carrying a katana is not a solution. Just take that one variable (that I know exists) which controlls pet/thrall follow distance and attach it to a slider we can change. Its really VERY easy. Please. THis was needed YEARS ago.

ALSO…in the pet/thrall menu a “MOVE OUT OF THE WAY” button is needed. For when they trap you.

ALSO…Dodge roll should push other pets/thralls/npc’s just a little. It is very frustrating when trapped by everything that you can not push out a little. Currently everything around you is carved of stone. You should be just as able to push other things as other things are able to push you.


Consider setting up a distance slider to define distance for your (ranged) followers or carriers (?)
(or use standard stances “follow close” “follow distant” “follow far” ?)



at least it would be nice if they would move when you push them or wouldn’t ever go so near that you are often are stucked. Pathfinding in buildings often dosn’t functions while outside they ever try to crouch into you…

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BUMP…cause I don’t like carrying a katana everywhere…and its an issue that has been known for a VERY long time.

And again gettting stuck because this damn mount walks right on you. LIke so right on you I am continuously stuck inside my rhino. This is really bad. Can’t we get something for this? Its been several years of this bug and the most I have seen when posting this is some vague comment that the distance was once extended and it should not walk on you now. We really need a follow distance setting and a move out the effing way command.

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