Petition, Live Chat or Email? How should I Contact a GM?



Funcom currently provides 3 interfaces to directly contact Game Masters(GMs). Each have strengths and weaknesses, but it can be confusing to know which to choose.

The Basics


  • In Game Issues
  • Missing Items
  • Broken Missions

Live Chat

  • Urgent Billing Questions/Issues
  • Play-Preventing Account Issues


  • Non Urgent Account Issues
  • General Questions

Here I’ll get into a little more detail about how these different interfaces work.


In game, if you type /petition in the chat bar or open the help menu, you’ll see a button in the top right of the window that says “Petition”. This is a form you can fill out that will provide a GM with your character name, subscription information and a few other key sets of details that will help us investigate whatever problem you’re seeing.

Petitions are generally best used for In-Game issues such as missing items or broken missions. We are unable to handle billing issues or account issues in Petitions. This is largely due to an inability to verify ownership of the account reliably. We can not fix every in game issue in petition. GMs have a long list of approved procedures and policies that they stick to. If they feel your issue should be reviewed by a Lead, they will help you get a ticket into Email to have it checked into. If you feel that your situation needs to be reviewed, or that your interaction with a GM needs to be reviewed PLEASE visit and submit a ticket. We are happy to review the work of GMs to constantly improve the service we offer our customers.

Live Chat

Sometimes a payment fails and you don’t know why. You may not understand something about the account page or website. This is what Live Chat is best for; we want to immediately help you with any of these immediate and urgent billing issues in Live Chat. We want to get you past our account page and into our games.

Our Live Chat Service has very limited hours. Sometimes these hours get reduced for a number of reasons. We do our best to answer Live Chats as quickly as possible. We will not help with In-Game issues or any issue that requires a specialist. Some Billing issues, particularly involving PayPal, require specialists. We require these to be handled in Email. This is a security measure put in place for the privacy and security of our players.


This is our catch-all. Sometimes players just have questions about accounts from the early 2000’s(looking at you, Anarchy Online) or are curious about the details of recent announcements. These kinds of non-urgent account questions or generally “Funcom Related” questions are wonderful for email. We’ll do our best to answer what we can and try to help with anything you throw at us.

Email is also where we can assign tickets to specialists(like PayPal!) and have cases with complicated situations escalated to a Lead so that they can determine the best course of action or investigate further. Finally, in email we handle cases that need to be reviewed. Sometimes we need to review the actions a GM took or how they spoke with a customer. Sometimes a GM wants to have a player’s specific situation reviewed so that we can “break” our policies in their favor. Email is a lot more flexible for us.

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