Petition to get Facility, Slaughterhouse & Hell Fallen elite


Those AND the two missing raids should’ve have been released by now.
But maintenance mode is maintenance mode; if not de jure, then de facto.

No, it’s not. Eidolon and Flappy raids are missing, as well as the dungeons you mentioned AND the two Manufactories.

And, of course, all the content that was supposed to come after SA, but I guess that would be asking for too much, actually.

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That’s a good point, and the backwards, lawyer-like thinking might fit to Funcom’s MO… :slight_smile:

“… and the rest of the content that is currently live in The Secret World.”
Silences, Danny’s stories, Conspiracy are not currently live (since Funcom don’t switch them on in TSW), hence they don’t need to implement those in SWL either.
Already closer to their original goal, without lifting a finger.

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I’m returning to SWL after being gone for a LOONG time and this thread is how I realized we were missing elite dungeons. Facility, Slaughterhouse and Hell Fallen had Elite and Nightmare version in TSW, right? They should at least be able to give us some elite version of them now.

Hear, hear!!! Let’s go those dungeons to Elite level!

I’d take any ‘new’ content at this point.

signing for what its worth

So many views, so few replies…
Either players are happy with the current state of the game, or they’ve all turned apathetic due to extreme despair to get anything from Funcom.

We’ve seen it all. It’s all been said before. What else is there for us to say here?


the people in power clearly don’t care about the game anymore.

Do you know what happened to Anarchy Online not so long ago ?

Funcom opened a new server
A new server (for subscribers only), where the game was starting back from zero, no extensions or DLC at first, those would be released as it goes along.
That’s what I call a “relaunch”. And that’s something many players have been asking for years. Tbh, dunno what’s the current status of this server, but it proves Funcom can make a move when pushed…

Now, SWL is free2play, but I believe it gives FC some steady income through the aurums <–> $$$ sales. (Do they get less revenues from that than from TSW subscriptions ? Dunno, and should that be the case, it’s their fault.) Still, players have been reporting some bugs (notable the engine ones) since TSW launch, and those have never been fixed, even after the (in)famous relaunch as SWL.

So I’m questioning myself: where’s the love for SWL ?

I loved TSW. I do not care one bit about SWL.

That’s a feeling you should share in that thread :smiley:

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Not very lively. But the new engine open beta celebrated its sixth anniversay this year !

But frankly, is Funcom actually still functioning or just kaputt ? Aside from the occasional CE update, there’s nothing happening.
Conan Chop Chop ? delayed (but I think that’s not even in-house)
The Dune game(s) ? chirp, chirp - and the movie is about to happen.
The class based shooter the NJ team was supposedly working on ? Uhm …
Last stream on Twitch … six months ago.

Yes, FC is alive.
Buying studios abroad.

Makes me wonder if Funcom is still a video game company, or some kind of hedge fund releasing games as by-products (I miss the 2005-2010 Funcom :cry: )

Yes, please make these dungeons Elite. I think it would bring some people back into the game for the new challenge.

Please make elite version of those dungeons.

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If you believe those dungeons are ever coming back, you must have inhaled excessive amount of copium. The reason why those dungeons are not in SWL is because it would be nearly impossible to finish them with the new “action” combat system. They were never intended to be ported to SWL in my opinion. The PvP is missing for the same reason.

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Funcom, Make it so!