Petition to have Subscribtion Official Servers (with active admin)

Since Official servers are completely unplayable due to hackers doing whatever they want, I suggest Funcom to create PAID Official servers (with a subscription fee) that are. It’s a pretty logical thing to do! Many professional players and those who love the game for its PvP aspect shall simply pay to play in a safe environment.

Currently, the playerbase on Official servers is dying out at an incredible rate since one is able to easily destroy the whole server with a level 1 character by looting everything he needs from locked containers outside of raiding hours!
I doubt it was what the developers wanted us to taste and gulp but seeing those unfixed for extended lengths of time makes me feel the other way!

So creating safe Official Servers that have Subscription support (so admins can watch on it) can actually be a thing since game is so amazing for a lot of older players who have money to support this idea.

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If someone can afford 60 euros just to hack a server, I’m pretty sure that someone will be able to pay a subscription fee for the same purpose…

Just play in private servers with active mods. Funcom is too busy with making new store items to sell :smile:

You’re asking for a private server with extra steps. Just play a private server.

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