Pets and Thralls healing. Need help

Anyone know a work around for pets and thralls not healing correctly?

Blood sausage is supposed to heal Sabertooth for 10HP/Sec. Made a ton of blood on jhebbal sag alter. made blood sausage. Sabertooth still healing 1hp/sec

Gruel is supposed to heal 6HP/Sec for thralls. They only heal 1HP/sec as well.

Sometimes the food works correctly but 75% of the time they still heal 1hp/sec.


Do you give them the 25% damage buff first? If not mistaken, I saw a report that when they are buffed with that, they will heal for 1hp no matter what food you give them.

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I’m curious. How would I control that one way or the other?

I don’t know the coding side of it. If it is the “fix” for stacking foods, then if you have that 25% active, it could override anything else you add. :woman_shrugging:

That seems to be it. Thanks :smiley:

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