Pets don't seem as capable as the wild versions

Pets seem stupid compared to wild versions. They don’t attack sometimes even if attacked by other players. Player kills 2 rhinos, guarded by two archer thralls, at same time. Then kills greater rhino through a wall by hacking on it’s horn which sticks through the wall. or… Player kills 4 rhinos and greater rocknose at same time while they were guarding my location during pvp hours.

Now me, I go north get attacked by two sabertooths and a wolf and die before I can get back up. or get horned by a wild greater rhino and die before I hit the ground. My pets just stand there with a dumb look while they get killed.

Bases are already too easy to destroy and raid. Consider they can take months to build, but be half destroyed in an hour. The pets could be more dangerous and maybe they should be to make raiding more of a challenge.


I think the AI for the thralls and pets are not as good as the wild version.

If you see thralls for an example, it will not combo the combat. I do remember that they are planning to revamp the AI, however fear that it will never hit live servers.

It is actually one of the core features being improved, see

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While the AI improvement will be a very welcomed thing for most of the community, I foresee a lot of players complaining how op them will be. Adventuring with a companion right now already makes a difference, imagine with good AI, expect ppl crying in pvp hehe.


We’ll have to wait and see. Notice also the balancing improvements in the Current focus section.

Btw there’s an error in the armorer requirement for Zamorian Dancer outfit, it says:

craftable with a T2, T3, T4 Armorer thrall in the crafting station

It is only craftable with a T3 or T4 Zamorian Armorer, not a T2, thought you might like to know :slightly_smiling_face:

I can imagine wild thralls crying once my AI buddy with the truncheon shows up. :grin:

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Man, how I wanted such a system that would let thalls do the farming, going for wood, iron, stone, like a programed path for the nearest source.

But at least if we see them following us around with no teleporting, maybe even taking the same action, like climbing, crouching, man… crouching is a need for group awareness, like a pack of wolves.

In Neverwinter Nights this was a thing, of course being a rpg solo game all the characters had speech, but so do Conan as we see in their agro and death, it would be nice to see them talking according to our orders and actions, this is so important for the immersion because it adds life and helps being less monotonous.

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And like when we start using a tool on a resource, if they have that same tool, they start mining a node within a certain radius. Kind of like how the aggro system works.

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Its only taken like 2 years so wait an see if anything it will just be broken an buggy. Ive raided peoples bases an 40-50 thralls just stand there looking at ya, will only react if damaged, so expect more of the same.

Its just nonsense be this way, why would players waste hours getting thralls that so long to setup defenses and they dont work? Its a pitty to see the game on this state -_-, the game that saved them deserves better.

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