Pets eat ALL the food?

Is it normal that my horse eats the entire stack of food that I give it in one tenth of a second? No matter how much I give it, the entire stack is immediately gone, the moment it touches the horse’s inventory.

Mine eats 1 or 2 from each stack that enters the inventory, immediately. And it goes through the rest relatively fast: 400 highland berries will last half an hour or so.

What are you feeding it?

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Same here. I put food in, it eats 1 or so, then the rest as needed.

I have a panther that went through almost 150 meat, but that was was when we were attacked by a Demonic Shaleback. Thought I was going to lose my kitty! Good thing I had all that meat in it!

I’ve noticed they don’t stop eating while attacked, they should eat 1 or 2 pieces, heal, then repeat, but they keep eating one after another even if the heal buff doesn’t stack…

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