Pets: Emotes, Breeding & Slaughter House


This is something I have just wanted to see in the game for a while as I think it would bring a different play style to the game. I would personally love to see a Pets update/overhall with ways to level them (More level = More Damage and health.)

I mainly play on RP servers, but I would love to see some Emotes for pets. Simple ones (which are for the most part already in the game or some animals) like Sit and lay down. It would be nice to have a skill tree of where we could teach them commands and emotes. Would be nice to have a nuzzle emote for Panthers and Tigers.

I also think it would be cool to be able to breed animals and even have baby animals follow you around your base?

Then a slaughterhouse so you could maybe raise baby hogs, deer etc and slaughter them for meat?

I feel like the game is lacking towards pets, I get that not everyone uses them, but some people prefer using them to thralls (much nicer to look at.) Some collars would be nice for them too :smiley:

Just a few thoughts.


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