PETS, food disappears, they get homesick and get back to base

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug

Region: [Europa]

Food disappears on crocodile in inventory as combat, shaleback holding food ok in inventory and yes they get homesick too after a while and get home to base

  1. Food disappears from crocodile combat’s inventory
  2. They get homesick after a while and go home to base

Number 2 should be part of the new scout system. After a set amount of time after you place them somewhere, if you haven’t set that new location as their new home, they will automatically return to their home spot.

I think I figure out why this happens. When I first time take them out from animal pen, I place them in front of my base, (exactly where they show up after homesick) fill up with food and tell them to follow me to that spot I want they to stay. I should take them to the spot and so place them for the first time :smirk:

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