Pets on Guard duty keep getting back to old guard spot where old base was built at

Game mode: [ Online private ]
Type of issue: [ Bug ]
Server type: [ PvE ]
Region: [ EU ]

[ I experience a weird bug. (I wonder if the bug is about the Animal Pen we raise the baby pets)

The Greater hyenas I trained and set to ‘Guard area’ ‘Attack all enemies’ positon keep getting back to an old guard spot where my old post was located at ( I demolished it when I move away to new spot)

For the last couple of days whenever I log back in; I have to keep getting back where my old outpost was located at and keep pulling each of them to my New outpost that is located far away. I re-assign them to the guard duty at the New Outpost once again. It has been the third day and turned oıut a real burden. It is a very sad bug.

The new outpost has a new Animal pen and New crocodile guards and they keep guarding the spot and dont vanish after the log out. I have no idea why dont the Greater Hyenas assign at the new guard spot; but instead they keep getting back to the older one after each log off. I wonder if it is related to the Animal Pen which I had demolished at my older outpost location where I trained them from babyhood.


Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

Did you actually pick the pet and put it down to guard that new position?

Ofcourse, I had done and have been doing it ; as I have allready mentioned at above. ‘Guard area’ where my Greater Hyenas are located infront of the doors of the settlement. Also ‘Attack all enemies’

(I hope you are joking and not trolling the post)

Thanks for the kind response.

I am sorry but this still doesn’t answer my question, do you pick the pet up and place it down to guard or do you only use the stances from the radial wheel? What does your hyena say under its name: Guard or Scouting.

I command them to ‘Follow’ me to my New base at each new gaming session.

I command them to ‘Stop’ infront of the doors.

I command them ‘Guard area’ and then ‘Attack all enemies’

The Greater Hyenas tell ‘Guarding’

After each log off when my gaming sessions ends they seem to reset. I log in the new gaming session and I find out that they got back to faraway location and them guarding the old place where my old base was located at. (far away)

So this is why they don’t stay. You should not tell them to stop follow but place them in front of your door. After you set their guarding position, you can give them whatever stances you want.

I allready place them infront of the door and tell them to ‘Guard area’ as I have just mentioned above.

If I dont command them to ‘Stop’ before giving them Comman: ‘Guard area’, the one who have been following me keeps following me afterall.

After I place them infront of the doors they remain there untill my gaming session ends. How long does the gaming session takes it doesnt matter. But after each log off , they reset and get back to older base location which doesnt even exist anymore.

let me make a video for you because we can’t seem to understand each other

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here you go:

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Thank you very much for your time. That is exactly what I am doing after I tell them to ‘Stop’ (Becasue I tell them to ‘Follow’ from the older base and older guard spot which is at the other side of the map) .

I pick them (same as you do) and place them at the most suitable spot, infront the doors just as that. At my newer base.

The I tell them to ‘Guard area’ ‘Attack all enemies’. I wonder if it is related to any of those or the Animal pen that is demoished at the older base spot.

Did you raise your pet at that area and an animal pen built at that location or does it follow and Guard whereever you build a base ? Is it at Single player or Private server ? PC or PS4 ?

Thank you for confirming that. It might be a bug with the specific pet!? I doubt it has anything to do with the animal pen.

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The newer pets (All Crocodiles) at the new base do not vanish. They were all raised at new base and at a new animal pen.

The older set of pets (All Hyenas and Greater Hyenas) were raised at another base and another animal pen. (Both are demolished)… They keep returning back to the old base location for some reason I dont understand.

The Hyenas remain at the New Guard spot as commanded untill I log off for the day. (They guard the new spot for hours untill I log off) The next day I find them Guarding the old base ( as suspected ! ) at far away map.

The AI has turned sentimental about the old home or what lol ?

Real quick u said online private is there mods if so a list also get in touch with admin to do a check on them

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Thanksfully, the problem is solved by itself today.

Thanks for the kind response.

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