Pets once fully grown shouldn't require food and here is reason

I feel once pets are fully grown they shouldn’t require food to survive. Ark made this a nightmare in the pet system. I don’t want 90% of my time hunting food for my pets. I agree food should be useful for resources gathering from pets.

I rather keep food needed for my pet survival a baby pet thing.


well it makes a change from spending 99% of my time hiting things with a pick and repairing it :joy:


Is getting food really that hard for you? It requires zero effort for me to pick up feral and/or savory meat just as I go about my business. Sometimes I go on exploratory runs, and the meat I found at the beginning of the run has gone bad before I was done. Or maybe you’re concerned about the herbivores? Sure, there are vast swathes of area where there’s no plant life…but it’s not like plant fiber spoils.

TL;DR: Thralls eat food to heal, you eat food to heal…why should a pet be any different?

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Pets and Thralls should require food as a way to place a soft limit to the amount of server resources used by players. Right now a solo player can bring a server to its knees by placing unlimited thralls around his base. Having to maintain some kind of food storage could fix this while adding more content to the game.


I think it’s just a question of how many food they need. I like it this way as long I’m not spending most of the time gathering food.

I’d also like an advanced thrall system with a supply chain and the need of food for all - of course with gatherers, not only relying on the player.


Thralls do not require food. Neither will pets.

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I’m not against food for healing.

Thralls don’t need food to stay alive.

I am against food for staying alive for thralls and pets.

Ark forced you to feed pets. One of it’s lets downs. As a solo player this is a nightmare.

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I hope your right.

That One skilled solo player.

Look I’m a solo player.

It’s a pain for solo players to get thralls.

I don’t have extra help.

I’ve seen top dogs bring a server to its knees,but never a solo player. Most solo players avoid PVP.

Resource thralls is a no. We don’t need thralls killing peoples kills.

I want to avoid food to keep thralls and adult pets alive.

1.Put a love tap on a beserker thrall and KO the entire mounds in a few minutes.
2.Drag them back to your wheels at your leisure
3. ???
4. Profit

1.) So you need a thrall and super rare weapon. LV 60 chest. That counters your arguement. World bosses are not easy.

2.) Drag your thrall around is dangerous. Crocs alone can kill them. Alot of T2 and T3 exiles died that way.

3.) There nothing here.

4.) Easy? The wheel of pain is slow. Time and hopefully your wheel isn’t destroyed in base raiding.

Big clans are op.

1.) x10 on what you said. Ten love taps and 10 Beserkers.

2.) Drag 10 bodies. And fill up the best wheel of pain with 1 trip.

4.) x10 profit.

don’t get pets, if it’s a waste of time to you.

I think it’s fine that they need food, or people will hord them like many things, and fill bases with pets they never realy look at again once captured.

I think they should attack the owner if we miss to feed them, that would make sens and be fun ! :dragon_face:


We for sure need a feeding system in place for pets and thralls. It is the only way to fix the bases with 100 thralls hovering in the air and will keep people from having hordes of thralls. Totally unrealistic to have that many.


Raiding is already as easy as it can get. Thralls (when working) is the only thing that actually gives some real defenses on pvp servers. Even then it’s easy as hell to kill them, just either gas them or shoot them with arrows from a far away distance where they can’t get you.
Having a feeding system just brings unnecessary grinding to the game, brings nothing of value.


I think at first the answer is a good working AI for thralls, making them act and defend as they should. Of course if AI is failing on 2 of 3 thralls in a base, it’s easy to figure out what people will do: add more thralls.
And that isn’t the solution nor, still more thralls are not realy realistic, at least immersion-breaking, and bad for server performances. A just middle way must be found, so that people can defend theyr bases, set-up some farms in pve, but without the whole thing completely overdone.

Also experience made, to much thralls just will make them fail defending. There is certainly a bit of a perfect number per area (m2 or foundations) where they work better than crowding a place.

Food for thralls is an other story. I think it could be fine on pve-servers again, but i doubt that the game is allowing such differences one day.

Survival game.

This is a survival game.

Your goal is… to survive.

Not having to eat or feed your pet makes you not have to worry about, you know, survival.

As far as food for thralls, I agree it should be a thing. The problem with this, though, is crafting thralls are not people… they are objects. I actually spoke to the Devs about this because I wanted to add armor from one of my mods to them and the Dev flat-out told me that crafting thralls have no inventory because they are an object type, not a creature. To make thralls require food would mean a complete redesign of crafting thralls. Having to feed combat thralls and not crafting thralls seems kind of pointless.

We don’t need food for thralls. Hopefully fully adult pets don’t need food either.

We don’t need another ark.

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??? Feeding your dinos in Ark took no time if you had any dinos worth feeding. One outing with a high level carnivore dino and one outing with a high lev berry gathering dino. It’s at absolute worst 15 minutes of your time. Maintaining a garden solo was way worse with all the running around and manually picking up poop.

If you don’t have to do some kind of maintenance and grinding for it then your pet’s just a decoration. Especially for resource generating pets or pets with some use, needing to maintain them makes sense, and adds gameplay.

If thralls had had more of the complexity of Ark’s tames, I would most likely have stuck around longer.

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Hell, just take a ride out into the swamp area for leech harvesting with a Therizno. The therizno would do all the work of getting food for your dinos in one trip plus other valuable resources and had zero chance of anything killing it.

Picking up poop wasn’t a problem either. Just get a phiomia and keep feeding it stim berries.