Pets once fully grown shouldn't require food and here is reason

Theri love forever…

Haha yeah, I did that with the phiomia too, but I still felt lazy about it (riding dinos and chomping/chopping things was more my speed).

I solo played Ark mostly so I had to be as efficient as possible.

Was never able to get a Quetz by myself. I remember even trying the pick up frogs or scorpions with an Argy method before the flyer nerf hit.

Only thing that eluded me!

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Pets only need food if they are kept in the pen to produce resources. Want your rockbiter to keep pooping out iron ore, keep it feed. This way you do not add an unlimited resource but one that can be balanced. And there is no mention of pets dying if not feed, they just don’t produce resources. So really all this aspect of pet ownership is no different than a new alter with different transmutation recipes. Honestly, it will help turn resource poor areas such as the swamp into abit more manageable of a place.

As for feeding thralls… If you are so desperate for this, then do it. Feed your thralls daily. Waste your time throwing food in their inventory. It will decay ans disappear. But Please, quit trying to force one more micromanagement on the rest of us. I have limited playtime and don’t want to spend it feeding thralls I need to protect my base from offline purges.

And for those saying it will stop people from having 100s of thralls, it won’t. It may limit those who do not have a lot of time. But that clan, the one you complain about who has bricked off every obalisk, built over stuff you need, amd been a pain… Guess what… They have free time. They will still have an army of thralls while you sit there lamenting having to feed your limited supply you need just trting to keep your base safe.

Oh… And all those asking to feed thralls but also asking for longer decay… You may want increased thrall capacity so they can have enough food to last! 3 stacks (weapon and shield take 2) won’t last 2 weeks.

As for fixing floating thralls… That is a glitch or bug. Fix the bug properly, not introduce a new mechanic just to work around fixing it.

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Quote from the last newsletter:
When we roll out the pet system we’ll also be rolling out new functionality for your thralls. In the same way that pets need to be fed to keep them alive your thralls will also need food to avoid that pesky thing called death

Ffs funcom. Fix your sh-t before you add more unecessary components to the game that might be broken as well. (having an automated feed box that bugs out and kill all your thralls)

It’s not a bother to feed an army for a month…

But you’ll start feeling it 6 month down the line, especially when your due for going on vacation with family for a week.

The obvious solution to this is singleplayer. But the feelz for SP is different. Feels fake. Official server is as legit as it gets.

Thralls and adult pets shouldn’t require food. We don’t need another zoo keeper. This is a barbarian game. Not your zoo. Thralls get your own food. If thralls need food then harvest thralls need to come into this game. I’m a barbarian and I’m not your mother. Feed yourself. Harvest thralls are not like by the devs. That why we have none. Don’t make thralls or adult pets require food to survive.

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