Phantom abyss 18+ rp/erp/pvp/pve

Phantom Abyss 18+ RP/ERP/PVP/PVE

A server with an emphasis on roleplay and in character player interaction, Phantom Abyss is a server dedicated to making a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone. With multiple members of staff on at almost all times, Phantom Abyss seeks to create an atmosphere of safety and comfort for people to pursue their stories and explore most desires. Phantom Abyss is a story-driven server, and while it has its own overall storyline, its main focus is allowing each of its players to create their own.

40 Slots and ready to grow!
NEW! Evolved Storyline
Fresh Faces eager for Roleplay
Boost to Level 60 (level cap)
Welcome package of Mats and Named Thralls!
Donor Perks
Light Magic Setting
No Avatars
No Building Damage
No Purges (Purge thralls are available for purchase)
Multiple Quest Hubs
Casino, Brothel, Arena
Multiple RP Hubs & Player Made RP Hubs
A Dedicated and Friendly Staff
Overarching Story for All to Participate In
Prizes and Giveaways!


Pippi, DyeMoreBetter, Dungeon Master’s Tools, CNC, Fashionist (Stylist), Emberlight, Savage Steel, Savage Steel 2, Thrall Wars Dungeon Mod (Slave wars), SlaverMod 1.15, Conan Sexiles, Better Thralls, Swift Elevator, Unlock Plus (with Pickup), Skimpy Armours, Prude Nude compatibility version, Aquilonian Females, Improved Quality of Life, RolePlay Aesthetics, Roleplay, Dude’s Delightful Decorations, Northern Timber, Immersive Armor.

Direct Connect:

Discord Link and instructions are in-game in the start box!

We added a mod that offers more outfit and jewelry options. More weekly events and prizes, as well.

New Story, New Quests, New friends and faces to adventure with! Lots to do, lots to explore. Come be part of the fun with friends old and new!