Phasefront Vehicles

So I’m back to the game after a long long time. I see people roaming around on hoverboards and also flying on Phasefront Wraiths and other phasefront vehicles. I found out from talking to players that the phasefront store is no longer accessible by any means ever since phasefront points went away.

So my question is, how does a new player (new account) get access to phasefront vehicles and hoverboards (or really any hoverboards)?

P.S: I was also directed to the veteran shop where some phasefront’s can be purchased for a boatload of points.

P.P.S: I suppose I’m just wondering why these wonderful vehicles wouldn’t be added to the item store? We spend quite a bit of time in our various modes of transportation and the designs and code already exist… just seems odd for 0.0000001% of players to have access to them.

Yeah, i’ve been trying to wrap my head around on the reason why these vehicles are no longer obtainable.

It makes no sense at all why FC do this (or don’t do this, depending on how you see it).

You can buy a collection of Phasefront vehicles from the veteran shop, but not single vehicles. A collection of air vehiclles costs 100 vet points, a collection of hooverboards costs 30 vet points. Who wants to spend all vet points, if you still have them, on a collection when you are going to use only one vehicle? Not that there is much other useful things you can do with vet points, but still.

And why have the Phasefront “shop” in ICC when you can’t buy anything. It must be very confusing for new players who happens to walk in there.

Please make it possible to purchase separate Phasefront vehicles, either with in game creds and/or FC points. Or at least something.

And speking of vehicles, does anyone know how the vehicles you buy from the in game shop works? Do you equip them in HUD1 like regular Yalmaha’s, or is it a a nano program you upload in your NCU? Thanks!

They’re nanos.

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