Phoenix engraved sword

Game mode: Single player and co-op
Problem: Misc
Region: NA

The pheonix engraved sword on PS4 is not properly colored, or if it is, it is ugly as hell. My brothers and I all spawned one via admin panel to look and it has a flashy green handle and a flashy orange blade. Looking at pictures from PC version or just general pictures on google. it looks nothing like that on PS4.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Nope that’s not how it looked 2weeks in when I made. I find holy weapons useless and don’t use myself. If they had an undead/demon buff then maybe.

are you saying it looked fine on ps4 when you made it?


Yes it was looked like star metal glowing handle

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did you try one in the desert where the sun shines brightly? maybe its where the colors are messed up. I’ll have to check it at different lighting.

Have you tried since today’s patch?

I think so, I’ll check again.

edit: actually, no it was right before updating the game when my game got screwed and my character changed gender and lost gear. I reverted my save from cloud then updated. I will check one right away.

awesome, it’s fixed! :slight_smile:

Awesome all fixed. Good work funcom.