Phoenix Exiles Aoc/PVE-C (RP/PvP) +18 plus

Phoenix Exiles Aoc/PVE-C (RP/PvP) +18 plus only.
Connection Info:

We aim to provide a space to develop stories that are dear to yourself, with little restriction and less grind, Phoenix places RP central in an environment where PVE is enjoyable and PvP possible and mediated.


  • Welcome kits and other helpful vendors and resources.
  • No Decay, low land claim radius
  • Harvest Rate, Exp rate x4
  • Faster crafting and thralling times
  • Increased stack sizes and storage capacities.
  • Unlimited free RGB dying gear.
  • Optional Skip to level 60, 120 or 300.
  • Dungeons and custom game experiences.
  • Comprehensive warp hub and enabled /home.

The modlist is extensive! Check out the attached file if you are interested.


Hello, i been trying to join,however keeps say fail to authenticate.regards