Phoenix of the south quest bug

I’m in the blessed caves and my journal says I must kill the demon. I Have placed the lotus on the alter and saw the blood flow down to the demon but i cant attack the demon at all. I cant even target him.

Like many other final bosses, you have to go down to his level and get close enough to trigger him so he changes from no attack green to attackable red.

I’m going to guess the dev’s put this feature in to make the boss fights a challenge as opposed to just standing off and killing them without any danger.

Here’s a hint for the fight. When he get’s down 25% of his total he’ll stop fighting and go back to his pad to recharge his health. Click on the fountain right beside his pad to disrupt his health regen so you don’t have to fight him again while he’s at full strength.

Ty but I stand right next to him and try to attack but I cant target him or even have him attack back or lose health when I swing my mace right at him

IIrc you need to click the altar again after you placed the lotus and killed the highpriest to activate the boss

ty sooo much. I had logged off when I defeated the high priest. And I had to kill him again. Then finaly I could target the demon. N thank u nebless for the tip. gosh I feel dumb but I was dreading someone telling me I had to defeat the first boss agiain

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