Pick a lane Funcom, because the multiple ones you are driving in are full of pot holes

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I really like this game, and on some level love it. I also now realize Funcom has to make a choice on what it wants to be. Early on, it was trying to be many things:

  1. PVP combat
  2. Tactical MO
  3. Role Play
  4. Building Simulator
  5. Survival
  6. Dungeon Crawl
  7. Single Player
  8. Army manager

A great idea, until you start to expand the game over time. They have tried to expand on all to some point. But by doing so, it is becoming a mess that most casual games can’t wrap their heads around, and alienates all of the fans of the 8 ideas I listed. The last patch, I DL’d, then DL’d my prepaid DLC, and played 5 minutes on SP to check it out. Then realized I have no reason–wait, no want–to play the game. And that is sad. I spent 16 months playing. Probably the last 6 slowly realizing the game is just not as fun as it could be.

Here are my thoughts on each lane Funcom is trying to run:

  1. PVP–If the game is going to be PVP, then you will have to balance the combat for PVP. You will never be able to balance PVE combat and PVP. Just not possible. Pick one.
  2. Tactical MO–The siege and raiding is right now just troll war fare. It is very…and I mean very…rare that you get an actual siege fight between clans. The only tactical planning is to offline raid, and which base and which clan. Then wipe it. No tactical usage of materials to insure maximum damage, as any decent clan can offline wipe a majority of bases. The ones that can’t are cheesy Tower builds that defy physics all together.
  3. Role Play — This does work to an extent, but the base game (no modding) has very little for anyone to run a server as a dungeon master. Again, their should be some base things in the game that don’t require a PC and a mod.
  4. Building Simulator – Probably the one area they almost hit a home run with. But it is far to easy to build the highest tier, and the tower builds on PVP servers just ruins any lore theme Conan has.
  5. Survival – Every patch , the game moves farther and farther away from survival. I can log into a server right now on PVE/PVE-c and have all the mats i need in a couple of hours. Then what, just farm to farm? I hear survival, i think of living on the line every time i log in. PVP officials are the closest thing, but that is because of the wipe mechanic, not because i actually use my resources once stashed. Stashes that as long as i log in every week for about 20 minutes, it will never ever ever ever go away (again sans PVP, as off lining is the meta war fare option). So get past the first 3 hours of game, and you have essentially survived the Exiled lands.
  6. Dungeon Crawl – I know the game was never really meant for this. And this area they have balanced relatively well. They could revamp some of the older dungeons with some of the new ideas, but other wise keep expanding this.
  7. Single Player – This is where it gets murky. Because on one hand, thralls make SP super easy. On the other, the game not using a catch up mechanic for time when you log off makes the admin panel the only way to really get some of the thralls, start metal, etc. Ruins immersion having to do it.
  8. Army manager – Thralls do way too much of the heavy lifting in the PVE part, and not enough in the PVP defense part. And it is far to easy to spam your army. The fact that people even in a war will ignore T1, T2, and even T3 because getting named fighter and archers is super easy is bad sign #1. The ability to farm 100 pets with 4 pens in less than a day, another. Their is no repercussion for doing these things. So shy wouldn’t one do it? And reality is, with the offline mechanic they are useless, and more to create lag. For PVE, they do help against purges, but that is so far and few between, thralls and pets are technically just another stashed resource.

This isn’t trying to be a negative i am done with you game post. I will still log in a few more times at least (have 2 more DLC’s i paid for) and i do enjoy building and chatting with the friends that still play. It is a more of a plea to Funcom, pick a lane and make it pot hole free, and some of us just might change lanes to continue playing this beautiful ambitious idea. An idea afraid to put risk that balances the rewards of everything in the game. And afraid to risk losing some fans by picking less lanes, that if taken, would reward with a great game that would bring in new fans.


Good post mate, It sounded juicy from the title so you should get lots of views, but of course u reeled it in with reason and logic :thinking:. IMO This is a case of Funcom wanting to make lots of people happy and appeal to a broad market of players by serving many different “flavors of ice cream”. A lesson I learned early in school was that if you have to serve ice cream to a mass crowd, make it vanilla. It makes the most people happy, a EXCELLENT, CLASSIC, SIMPLE treat. But that’s kind of boring too and not very memorable. And you can’t make everyone happy with vanilla ice cream, so Funcom decided to make lots of flavors of ice cream and give us tons of variety. But the taste of some flavors just aren’t suited to certain players (maybe because during the formulation process, they were under deadline crunches to push this out and revitalize the company), and there simply wasn’t enough time to focus on improving so many flavors. Now they’re trying to change flavors and make improvements, but some people liked those old flavors still. Tough position to try and make all these different tastes happy, complaints from all sides. I agree with your statements and could add alternative solutions, but I feel like their focus is now shifted to end of 2020 and Dune. Maybe we see you again there :fist:


I definitely share these thoughts on PvP. The combat system feels geared for PvE and there are many aspects of the system that flat out don’t mesh well with one another.

It simply lacks the fluidity, control, and level of sophistication that a multitude of others games with similar systems offer.

Not to mention there’s too much focus on poison/bleed/armor pen atm. Seems like armor’s only good for temperature protection and attribute bonuses right now.

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If you watch Funcom’s financial report you’ll come across an entry there titled “Gaming As A Service.” Their own numbers say CE has legs for more than the immediate future. That right there, coupled with a vocal Community, should be enough to understand this OP can go places.


you mean IP not OP right?

No, your OP. “Pick a lane.” This kind of poast will make a difference, that’s what I was commending. :smiley:

(Either that or institute sliders for every attribute so PvE and PvP can finally be distinct.)


cool. Just as i read it , IP would make sense as well. That the IP (Conan Exiles) could go places. Just not on mounts :slight_smile:


sure, and with 40mil on the books, i’d love to see FC continue to focus on the game but I just don’t see it. I believe they will support this venture just enough to maximize profits and not much more. 18 months ago, after a huge cash injection and paying off debt, they could have easily doubled down and made that push. Not now IMO, too late into the cycle. CE was a mulligan and Dune is going to be their shot for a birdie.


I’m very happy with Conan… but also a fan of Dune. I’m pretty excited. Probably going to buy it when its available

Here’s hoping they give us something we can play as long as conan and with as much depth as some of their other titles. . :partying_face:

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Hoping they learn that playtesting should be part of QA


They did mention in the recent financial report that they have put the Conan single player game on hold to bring that dev team onto Conan Exiles an Dune. They also said they have a lot of “very exciting” features and ideas for CE for the rest of the year and 2020. I’m still optimistic the game can achieve great things.

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I think it still can, but i think they need pick what they want it to be before it alienates a player base to the point of not caring and moving on.

There have been a lot of games with great ideas that just never quite found their niche and didn’t draw enough casual support to be long term successful, or as succesful as ithey could have been.
I am looking at you MAG for PS3…Played the game, loved the massive 128 on 128 ( a technical feat at the time tbh) but it lost support from fans once we realized here was never going to be new content or updated maps because it didn’t reach enough of the casual masses.

But multiply roads is what I want.

I dont want a narrow mind game I get bored of… I want that alot of options game. CE does pretty good at that… ya ya ya… it needs help with some more patches.

Considering what this game was at release and what it is now. Its making progress. I’m overly pleased… spiked filled pit holes mixed in with pot holes. XD

I’m still waiting for prefect game… Dragons Dogma does alot of what I want. Its Large Monster, Character Creation and combat need to have a Baby with CE sometime soon.

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That is fine, but by doing so, they are not keeping a majority of players interest. And everything feels half finished because the focus is all over the place. Not saying it can’t be a lot of different things in the end, but without one that really hooks casual gamer’s and a certain market (whatever that one is) then we get a niche game that will always feel incomplete and most of the success was from the Conan name, not the mechanics implemented.

At this point, I would just love to see the exploits cleaned up. I understand content drive dollars, but bugs/glitches/cheats/exploits drive those dollars away from future purchases. I bought this game, played it for a few months and saw the glitches and lag and was disappointed. Went searching for another game and stopped playing CE for a couple months. I found nothing that could substitute the pvp open world sandbox survival experience that is CE on the same platform. So here I am again, and I’ve purchased additional content since coming back. I’m am very glad Funcom has picked up this banner and carried it for this long and their success will hopefully inspire others to attempt it. The consumers have shown the CFOs that we are eager for more of these types of games. I have also seen a market where consumerism is so rampant that unfinished products, early releases, etc. get snatched up online with record time and generate a ton of cash to support and enable companies to feed everyone these untested, unpolished games. I am excited for Dune as well, but will regard it with suspicion. Hopefully they take their time, PLAYTEST!!, and release a quality product.

PS, didn’t buy blood and sand


In regards to this, You have 3 different play selections. The modes are already ingrained in the game. If they wanna Try to make everyone happy, them differinciate the modes. Otherwise pvpers r gonna complain when they do something for pve and vice versa,

It is not even as simple as the 3 play selections. If you think about everything they are trying, the only thing the selections separate is player interaction. That is why i pose the thought of what is it Funcom wants to achieve with this game. Be the best at something, or just be average at a lot of things. For me, i would like a more focused approach to only few of the things and get them tightened up, then try and expand on the other things.

Pardon the snip. In the last dev stream with Alex he said their immediate action will be to take what works and intensify it. Therefore the spear poke-poke, as example.

Yeah, i remember that. My worry is that they are intensifying some broken mechanics, or at the least not fully fleshed out ideas. Intensify PVP raiding? How? Larger explosions. To intensify that, you would need to over haul the offline meta, as well as figure out explosives in a more balanced way compared to building and create true war fare. I guess that is the area i see never getting the love it needs, and was really a selling point for me that i never felt i got. I kept trying to find that war where both sides had fun, but in reality it always turned out to wipe or be wiped.

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June 2018 I had bombs going off in my face. When I swam to the underwater vault, I had bombs expertly placed all around me. Bombs were cascading like depth charges. We thought we were safe with underwater holdings but we got wrecked. Legit, that’s what I paid for. Bombs used the right way, all day.

Between then and now it’s descended into air hockey.

You want more offline raid, huh? Can you elaborate? Lock pick?