Pick axes and bark/starmetal RNG?

Rather disappointing that I am still having this problem. Coming back to this game after playing a lot at the beginning of the Early access(about 100hrs) come back to play now and have all these great added features, and still more to come with the volcano/swamp areas. Would just really appreciate the better Tier pick axes getting more bark than the Iron pick axe. That or give me a tool that only harvests bark. Its not fun spending hrs to get enough bark to get tanneries and the dryer going. Also not sure if the starmetal is RNG or what but spent 2hrs on multiple occasions looking in the area I have seen streamers/youtubers gather it(some of them also spent hrs looking for it) that also is not a fun part of this game. Keep it in the same spot and give five nodes or something everyday(in game day) if you want to keep it rare, but the current way just doesn’t seem worth it seeming how I can kill the boss mobs I have run into in dungeons and on the map with the hardened steal weapons.