Pikes/Longspears need a new move set

Agreed. Practice is needed to use it well and practice is needed to counter it well. It’s one of the better weapons in the game. The combat system itself is a bit stilted but that aside… yup pikes are pretty good as they are. Same is fairly true of most of the weapons in the game give-or-take. Throwing spears and bows stand out a tad more but…

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You’re talking about daggers having good damage? I disagree the only reason daggers do so much damage in general is only because of the poison (which is why everyone runs around with bleed/poison daggers), inflict bleed only daggers on a named npc and watch how slow it is (obviously use the dagger tier equivalant to the npc tier i.e exiles → stone daggers, treasure hunters → hardened steel/star metal daggers) if you watch bleed it’s very bad, its only the poisoned daggers that do great DPS.

I can generally use a sword which out-does the daggers dps

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I feel like poison should be lethal, as one potion cures it and its easy to mass produce, just carry antidotes and your ok

Also looking at some 3.0 builds a i see a few ways to mitigate poison damage if thats your concern

Like when i hand out my builds to my competitors in pvp, if they are decent enough to ask for tips first one: carry many allow pots and antidotes, and use atleast 2 weapons for certain situations, run full combat builds 24/7 and use thralls for inventory

Isn’t the only way to cure poison is to worship set though? or you talking about regular aloe pots?

Yep, set antidotes and aloe pots, they dont cure poison, but the standard fast regen evryone uses definetly helps, the main key in this game is to not get hit to begin with, it happens but even using the non feroxic weapons you can kill a feroxic weapon user, i really like the voidforged gladious made by a t4 with atleast a pen kit for those that carry antidotes, i believe the combo is run heavy light light light to hit someone 4 times in 2 seconds, the feroxics are easy for anyone who doesnt carry antidotes

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