Pillars of heaven

Trying to get a regular group going if anyone is interested I want vanity from said dungeon…if anyone wants to farm rares or need any gear I’ll scratch yours if you scratch mine :joy:

Oh boy, finally someone to group up with. What do you actually need from there?

I need a blue plate helm from there only afaik and probably a purple plate piece as well

I made a demo and need rares and a scarlet circle purple item that drops there.
I would love to find a group to go.
Demo name is Fotias

I only want a tos/Pom blue scarlet circle helmet for my barb it’s crap stat wise but looks sweeeet fits in with my sword master theme :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but I’ll take anybody haha hard to find a group drop character names and I’ll add yo as friends mines …Dreiger

This game has so many things to do and many nice dungeons. But all people are obsessed with are RF, chaos and onslaught. Gear is nice but this game offers great variety.
I understand that people who play this game for 10 years may be bored of old stuff but still there is more…

Tell me about it the community has been trying to get Funcom to add Atlantean shards to 6 man dungeons. But no luck!

That would make like 75% of content playable again …we can only dream :joy:

apparently its better to have players only logging in for hollidays where they get proper shard hailstorms!

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I made the demo for my son but ended up playing it for myself. I am trying to enjoy it and take my time with it. I bought an rf but I regret it. Only yesterday I got my first symbols ring. I will go for a second.
I hope I will get in a vile group to go for the cloak. I try to collect rares for the scarlet circle purples and hopefully do ai district for legs.
There are so many great things to do in khitai but people are bored to go.
And do not forget the dungeons that drop books…
My favorite toon of still my dt. I made him the old way and had a great time.

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Wulfgrim is my char name. I play a barb but I’m grinding ahead in case they remove restrictions

I’ll be trying to run a group every day if anybody’s up for it ! Managed it yesterday as a 5 man with toons that didn’t remember tactics at all :joy: only wipes onece on Khan because he dropped below 25% but we did it easyyyy second time …we had full T6 ToS who kept us all alive though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: it was lots of fun

Obsessed with RF? You have all of 36 hours to do it, and be damned the rest of the week if you miss it at restart! Please don’t have a life, partner, job, children! RF was supposed to be accessbile.

RF needs to be accessible again.

a) Drop to 12 player requirement to start
b) 4 times a day (because you know, the world is round…we don’t all live in Yew Nork, USA) have ‘happy hour’ where participants get bonus rewards for participating. Maybe similar to being a member but not so high a rating. Perhaps introduce gilding token chances for whatever built out toons are fancying. Maybe have minimum 18 players as a requirement. Drop essential requirements like Soldiers and Healers from 4 to 1 or 2.

RF needs to be removed from this game! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I agree with yawgmoth on this one! Funcom should of made atlanean shards drop from dungeons to make the game relevant in the long run. And marketed RF in a different way

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What time you doing it? GMT, since that’s my time zone

Usually on at half 8/9 GMT after my sons in bed

Argh crap. That’s way beyond my playing time xD

I usually play fro. Midday to 7pm or something…too bad xP