Pillars of Salt

Is there anything in the game that gives the lore or talks about the pillars-of-salt, tree-looking things near brimstone lake that look a bit like transformed people?

Here are some thoughts …



Those are the Entwives. They were put upon the earth by Yavanna to protect her trees along with their husbands the Ents. Fimbrethil was the most beautiful of the Entwives. However, prior to the Third Age, the Entwives abandoned the Ents in order to start a garden east of Fangorn in what became the Brown Lands. Following the end of the Second Age, they disappeared. When Treebeard went searching for them, he could not find them.

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I thought they gave dry wood?

I’m just gonna err on the side of caution. If it bleeds, we can kill it.

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You brought it on yourself.


Well played.

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