Pin Numbers and False Foliage

I’m a mostly solo player, I don’t join large clans, but I do make peace and alliances with neighboring tribes on pvp servers. One of those methods is by paying peace tributes and trades between tribes. It would be nice if I could put a four symbol lock on my crates instead of locking them outright so that my allies who know my “PIN” can get into my crates. That way I don’t have to be present for every trade, nor join a temporary clan. All of which are very clumsy for doing what we are trying to do.

Or if there was a way to create a key for a chest so I can hand out keys.

Secondly. If we had the ability to grow, un-potted “false trees” or brush to cover up secret base entrances that would be awesome. Harvest-able or non doesn’t matter to me. I have to do too much voodoo to hide my cave entrances these days on higher populated server.s


love the combination lock idea, could be a new type of chest altogether to save having to implement it to existing chests.

The tree thing won’t work. More placeables means more server lag. It’d be fine for offline players, who wouldn’t need it. But online, it’d be spammed and ultimately taken out.

I do not see that player crafted and placed foliage would help you conceal your base for the following reason:
The game is coded so that every placeable we put on the ground is owned by a player and a repair hammer reveals this information.
So all a player would have to do is run around with a repair hammer out and they’d find your foliage.

PS: though I would like a lot more foliage that could be placed especially out of the pots. It would be nice to be able to plant out rows of trees, vines and more natural arrangement of shrubs.

Love it want it but has to be 8 digit pins with a lock out mechanism for 15 minutes. 4 digits easy to guess.

Replied to soon I want camo as well would help with all my bases seeing as I can’t be a cabe dweller.

What if we had the option for “trade alliances” and a traders crate…

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