PING 9999, Can we try solve this please?

PC user on STEAM

Is it a Steam thing, no? Cause now it happened on my siptah server and not exiled lands.

I could join Exiled lands but my ping was “To high” for siptah.

I really hope you Funcom will put a coder on this to look at it, because when it happens we loose our Epic gear everytime, and tbh it is really annoying, almost game breaking.

Direct connect via IP

You can’t to siptah i think. Servers not listed yet.

PM me the server number, then I will PM you the IP back.

If u have played on the server the IP address is saved in your game files along with the server number. Just google how to look it up it`s easy to find. Then direct connect to the game. Will not work on 9999 ping. 9999 ping means server is down.

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