Pistol rolls activating when not actually being used

For no reason the rolls on pistols activate on their own.
Sometimes it’s a active dodge
Sometimes it’s using an object
Sometimes it’s when standing still
Sometimes it’s when i sneeze - (no lie)

Any time the game thinks combat was triggered, your pistols will auto roll a white match. Might explain some of those. Not to say it isn’t strange/buggy, but it would be more of a bug on the side of recognizing combat in that case.

I also get red and blues tho too lol the red one recently prompted me to post this

Hmm can’t say i know pistols well enough to know if any passives (abilities or weapons) that would alter the “enter combat” trigger ._.

I don’t remember if it was a passive or weapon, but I think there was one that rolls you a matching set if you performed a dodge.

I can’t see any passive that says this, i have no idea if there is a weapon for it either, i haven’t looked.