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you say attack after attack week after week, first of all its a pvp server were you can raid 3 days a week, 2nd Skullkeep got attackt and raided week after week, 3rd Dewa in Miracle and his team spawnkilled Anottra and camp there base week after week and that was never a warning or a ban to attack the clan then, as thebes and Xylaz say, its diffrent when alpha do somethink or when other clans trying to make it better for the rest of the server, that alpha clan has also a player Payn that love to spawn kill players when they teleports, thats also is breaking rules but have he got a warning or ban? 鈥淣O鈥 , he even say that you spawned in 2 red dragons to defend hes base 2-3 month ago when we all tried to raid them, it can only be done with admin power, as we all say if you like a server were alpha can do what they want and get away with it then you will love it, dont fart loud as you will get a warning for it

First and foremost I鈥檓 not affraid of that anyone will leave the server. Why? This is not a business where you want more customers. The main goal is to have a cohesive community and if someone doesn鈥檛 like the rules or specific regulations - yes, that鈥檚 true this is our server and we have the right to enforce them.

As long as there will be smaller community but more understanding towards the rules it鈥檚 better than having massive numbers with everyday problems and cut throat approach. In regards to the clan you are reffering to, they are not alpha clan - they are playing quite long on a server but it does not qualify for what alpha clan means. And they don鈥檛 have preferentials either. If you remember around 2 weeks ago, there was a complaint filed by them and it was entirely rejected due to lack of evidence.

I know from the experience, that players always see their own side.

We didn鈥檛 spawn anything, you see - do you believe in anything that everyone told you? Main goal of this server is that admins DO NOT play on it and DO NOT interfere with a normal gameplay unless there is a need to enforce the ruleset.

And I understand your frustration tbh, but it reminds me recent far cry from other clan how unjust we are, given the evidence on the screenshot - and after inspection of this problem and give counter screens plus logs it turned out that we were right to NOT ACT too quickly! However if not that we would be bashed again.

This is so one sided view that you gave, in true reviews you give at least pros and cons, unless you are doing a bomb review like its popular on Steam these days.

so its okay to spawnkill players day after day? to spawnkill when we teleport to obelisk? its in the rules as you so much loves, payn got away with it, Dewa got a way with it, conor has 2nd account, dewa got 2nd account, so much stuff thats breaking rules on this server, and i understand you need to say 鈥渘o its the same rules for everyone鈥 there are NOT! its not okay to spawn camp obelisk and kill players 鈥淣o warning鈥 azza and payn with company raided Skullkeep and attacking every raid time 鈥渋ts breaking the rules as you so nice talking about鈥 any warning? NO, then we attack Azza as they also attackt our base and NOW we have a BAN for first 1 month to attack them again, then changed to 2 weeks, THEY CAN attack us/skullkeep but no warning, they can raid and spawnkill Anottra when they was playing 鈥淣O BAN OR WARNING鈥 i dont care what you say as i understand you need to defend the server and i would do the same, but you need to see our side aswell! THEY DO ALL THIS AND NO WARNING OR BAN; then we attack a few raid days in raw and then BANG Final warning clan RONIN, why do you think i have changed server 1 month ago? i cant play on a server that make some clans get away with stuff that should be a BAN, Payn using a exploit so we cant put down BOMBS to raid them, what did you do? ask them to remove it, that is breaking RULES Ceridian!!! he KNOWS what he did and used a Exploit so no one could raid him, that should be a BAN

Ok, then. I鈥檓 not denying anything as you must remember I鈥檓 doing more technical side of the server. If that鈥檚 the real issue, why didn鈥檛 you create a proper report, with explanation of the case, proper screenshots (however they can be so well fabricated, as I鈥檝e found out recently), even better, some snippets of the videos. We will be doing a revamp how filing complains work, as it does not work very well when it is happening on a discord.

My point is, if you would really care about putting an evidence, you would do in such a way that it鈥檚 not even open for interpretation. And the videos are always the best for it. We are even having this in our rules, that you should have a recording tool always ready to capture things in game - these days they are coming as a package in most video drivers.

We cannot treat every screenshot or a slice of a conversation as an ultimate truth - CONTEXT is everything and this can be manipulated by players - this comes from the experience. It鈥檚 a shame that you鈥檝e just shut the door and abandoned the base and left the server, instead of calming the emotions down and coming back to this issue with much 鈥渃ooler heads鈥.

It was a war between two big clans with a lot of hours. Rule was applied to this war that is meant to help new players to grow, between us and azzazel this rule doesn鈥檛 make sense. You told Thebes we should鈥檝e given you more time to investigate before we do anything. Why do you ask this while not giving us any kind of explanation, but give punishment and threats of permanent ban? You say we didn鈥檛 get banned from the game and we could鈥檝e kept playing, who wants to keep playing on server where you don鈥檛 know when you get permanently banned for something that wasn鈥檛 in the rules. (Warned for having torches in the base for example).

Azzazel and Miracle camped my first clan. They jumped inside the base and kept killing us when ever we spawned on our bed. You told them off for it, we were new to the game and not max level. We had no chances of fighting these guys. This is the kind of situation you enforce this rule. Not when two clans with thousands of hours fight each other. If we were to destroy their base and they were rebuilding, again another situation when I understand the rule. Their base was standing and they were strong, why do you want the fighting to end?

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I can easily tell you why. And this is not the first time when it happened - because this war between both clans was becoming TOXIC, it wasn鈥檛 just PvP or healthy raiding.

Why do I think that was the case? Simple. The amount of requests between both fighting sides that someone broke the rule, even though very often that wasn鈥檛 always the case, was skyrocketing with every raid attempt on both sides of the conflict. To the point that you started to not only fighting in-game but on rules. This happened at least twice during the existence of the server. And we now very quickly see that it鈥檚 not a normal competitive fighting. It is better to pause that kind of situation because in the past when we did nothing, other players started to be drawn into this, to make it a true mess.

As I said earlier, you don鈥檛 see this from admin perspective, but always as an injustice done to you, but really it has nothing to do with taking sides by the admin. Then players are playing victims and that everyone is against them including admin.

I do understand however that there are always emotions during raids, it just not everyone can control them very well.

@Ceridian You had evidence regarding the banners I sent you photos so that鈥檚 not really correct, they should of had a ban and that would have been correct but instead we get a ban for fighting a clan with 2.5k hours on your server. Totally crazy that鈥檚 why you lost 10 players in one go are you saying we are all wrong?

Banners, I must admit, were used as means for base defence, but UNFORTUNATELY this wasn鈥檛 an exploit (mechanics that is completely not intended/glitch), they worked exactly as described and it was in this instance our fault that we haven鈥檛 forseen it how they might be used.

When you鈥檝e told us about it, next day I鈥檝e started adding mechanics to the mod that will block them completely next time. And 2-3 days later we鈥檝e released a mod patch - so they couldn鈥檛 be used in such a way not by rule but even mechanically in the game.

Okay, this was a toxic war that needed a pause you say. Why is it us that is in fault? You said there was reports from both sides, but it was us who got the fighting ban and threats of permanent ban. Just tell both sides to stop fighting, if it鈥檚 like you said.

Ok @Ceridian another reason why we left, they used banners to stop us raiding them not for pvp in a pve server . We where raiding them and couldn鈥檛 place bombs and the same thing happened in there new base and you are trying to tell us they did it by 鈥渁ccident鈥 cant you understand how unfair that is?

I think this was only the case because this tipping point happened when you鈥檝e attacked them. But it is fair to say, that maybe that how it should be done. You see, why this open discussion and CALM hasn鈥檛 properly happen? And the only answer to that is that it was public on a discord chat and there was just a big mess. That鈥檚 why that is a lesson for us admins for the future.

@thebes I do, but we don鈥檛 have literally ANYTHING in the rules that we could back it. We鈥檝e reacted this time differently. Instead on the spot, we鈥檝e patched up within a couple of days the game mod, so this couldn鈥檛 happen in the future. Maybe it wasn鈥檛 the best decision, but this mechanics is gone and it is not going to be used again.

Just summarising the situation, there are some valid points on your sides but there is a lot that are not. The sad part is, like I said earlier, that you just go to the forum and show only the recent events as a benchmark for everything.

And even that is not the worst, it just personal culture of certain members was at least questionable at the end. I can also be very angry, or agitated, but that doesn鈥檛 mean that this is a mandate to throw epithets and abusive language at others on discord or in real.

That鈥檚 it on my side, I don鈥檛 think we can at this stage resolve it.

Main problem that we have is not with you or the server itself, but with another admin Lais. He can鈥檛 speak English properly, he always goes on 鈥渨itch hunt鈥 against us, making up new rules and constantly treating us with a permaban. He gave us a warning for having a torch heat trap in the base. Which rule did we break there? This time he gave us our last warning and fighting ban (without any explanation so we still don鈥檛 know what we did wrong and how could we 鈥渂ully鈥 a strong clan by simply having some PvP fights) for fighting a clan that wanted a war with us in a first place because they were bored. Also we didn鈥檛 even destroy a single piece in their base, only had some pvp fights there, they came to our base, destroyed few things and fought us also. We can afford doing this because both clans are rich and experienced and some PvP doesn鈥檛 hurt us. Another thing - about 鈥渇ighting with rules鈥. We wouldn鈥檛 do it, because we would rather fight it out in game if we want to show that we鈥檙e stronger. They reported us first because they didn鈥檛 know about climbing armor kits that help to reduce stamina cost, because they got scared that we can beat them. Next day they put up banners so we did report them for it in return. I clearly can see that for Lais we鈥檙e always a bad clan because we鈥檙e not Polish and he can鈥檛 understand us properly, hence it鈥檚 always us who gets the blame. Also I鈥檇 like to say that I can see the admin side pretty well, since I鈥檓 an admin myself in another game. There we have reports public and admins have to explain everything about their decisions and punishments they give out. But on your server we constantly get mistreated by Lais and get no explanation of it. It鈥檚 really funny how we get punished for fighting Azzazel and next day after we quit Azza gets a 鈥渟erver veteran鈥 title, clearly someone was happy for him helping to get rid of disliked EU clan.

Yes, Laais鈥 English is not super good, but you could always ping me if Laais couldn鈥檛 resolve your issue if you believed that this is a communication problem. You鈥檝e started to almost do a mockery of him because of that, by showing screenshots of how his English is bad and so on. Completely lack of good manners and still wanting to be treated honourably in return. Even though he tried to ignore this lack of respect as much as possible, you see, in the past, if someone would throw an abuse or some mockery towards Arcanea admins, that would be the last day for this player on our server, due to lack of respect. You were forgiven even though you reminded about it every single time publicly, like there鈥檚 no other way of mitigating this problem鈥 but you don鈥檛 see that way.

Other people do have emotions if you didn鈥檛 know, especially that we admins are paying for good quality servers, spending time on adding some mode improvements and making sure that the rules are respected and you players can enjoy the game. So a little gratitude would be quite nice - instead of just shouting 鈥淢E, ME, ME. I鈥檓 a victim! Everyone is against MEE!鈥. But that鈥檚 delusional.

You were truly welcomed on the server, but as you became more and more developed, at the same time you became 鈥渕ore needy鈥. And this applies to all players, doesn鈥檛 matter what nationality. That鈥檚 the observation from the 18 months of maintaining this server.

I think everything was said what meant to be said. It was still good to have you on the server as a part of community and ultimately you chose to leave it. All those concerns should be laid out much earlier to us admins, in a form that you鈥檝e just put on this forum. So this discussion wouldn鈥檛 even take place.

Wish you all the best regardless of everything.

@Ceridian it鈥檚 a shame your post shows the kind of admin you are, all we wanted to do was fight and we never complained it鈥檚 Conan and all arguments should be left in game to sort out but even that was taken away from us.
Good luck with the server I still stand by my decision and EU players are not welcome and it is up to you to change it.

No problem, that鈥檚 your opinion (not decision) and I respect it.

However I personally disagree with this statement as you and your clan wouldn鈥檛 play as long as you鈥檝e played on our server. Simple as that.

Besides, there were a lot of polish players who were banned or warned before you - mentioning that fact only, as from your side it looks like only you were punished and everyone else where happily breaking rules.

You know that it is not true鈥


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