Placable sundials

It would be nice if we could have some placable sundials.

Maybe they could be faked and not using the real shadow of the engine. But it would be very cool if I can check the daytime in simple way and also it would be a nice decor placable.
It don’t need hours, sunrise, evening, sunset and moon as symbols would be totally enough for me.

Once I build it with a pillar in a desert base. This was long time ago. It works how I expected but now I can’t see the shadow anymore when I try to rebuild this the same way. Maybe something changed by the engine on ps4?

Different styles and sizes maybe something like this


You could use the annoying staff obtained from a certain boss with a drooling problem. You can place that pretty much anywhere. I like to put mine as far away from my base as I can possibly manage. Preferably underwater. In a bag. With rocks.

Sundials need to be oriented correctly with the sun to work, but not even the sun itself is oriented correctly in Conan.

That aside, I’d take a sundial placeable if Funcom offered me one.

I’d take one to but the days are so short I don’t think it’s needed. It may look good though as a placeble. I doubt it would work in the Jungle either tbh.

Yes I don’t think that it should work with the light and shadow of the engine. Only a animation. And maybe showing north so I can place it how it should be placed. But it also could work in a room without windows.

Yeah the day is not long but sometimes I want to know…

Once I had a server the settings was 1h day and 30min night and 15 min for the sunset and sunrise.
On official a whole day is something around 30min?

I think the staff is funny as heck. I love him.

As for a sundial, I’m all for any and all placeables. Love decor.

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