Placeable Non-Moving Domestic Animals

-Baby animals that you would usually make thralls. Perhaps you take a baby shaleback to a certain bench (or your base crafting menu) and some plant fibers or something, and it becomes a placeable creature. Doesn’t move, has regular decay timer, that sorta thing. Maybe makes some ambient noises, maybe not. And what item needed to craft with each baby would differ, depending on the baby, obviously.
-Rabbits! We see them out and about all over! What are they good for?! Early-game meat? Maybe! But why not have a cute lil bun hanging out at your torture palace or hidey hole?
-Derketo Kitties, too! I have already seen them discussed. But they are so cute. They just lounge about, meow, and wave their tails every once in a while!

Something to think about. Lemme know what you think. Or perhaps their are other animals/creatures you think should be placeable or enthralled. Either way, say what ya need to say :relaxed:


Have a use for the Dafari cages by placing the animals/thralls in too would be cool.


You can, but they despawn quickly, don’t worry, i tried all ! :sweat_smile:

There is a mod, for placable animals, babies to, but you need mod the game, that’s.

Well mods are cool and all, but what about console players? And they wouldn’t immediately despawn if Funcom were to take time and actually develop them as an update, surely.

That would be great

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This would need they’re handled differently from other npc’s and animals. So new cathergory, set-up and all.

Mods are a way to get some i know, like said, i tried to fence, cage and all them, this don’t work on the long run. They will stay some time, but then poof.
And nope, hard to forget about consols, you know :rofl:, reddit is overrun this time, and … well… :zipper_mouth_face:

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