Placeable tools, weapons & armor

I realize funcom might not be willing to add more placeables in the game due to lag issues but wouldn’t it be great to have placeable weapons, tools, and armors? I would love to lean a spear up against a wall or place a sword or mace on a table . . . a hammer on a work table by my blacksmith . . . or some armor on the floor in my workshop. To keep it simple, the placeable versions of some weapons/tools and armor could be crafted in the artisans bench and would only ever be a placeable, not a usable item.

On a similar point, I dream of the day when we have armor stands for our armors. And we can just walk up to it and tap ‘e’ to equip the armor on the stand. The armor you were previously wearing would switch out and be placed on the armor stand.


yes plz

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Sounds good and simple.

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