Placeables are harder to place with 3.0

For the sole reason that they are now transparent. I myself used to use the grain of wooden planks, the seams between bricks etc. to get placeables precisely where I wanted them. Now that they’re all transparent, those details are gone.

And if you find it useful, thats fair. I’m not gonna ask for it to be removed, just that there is a toggle added. Either in the build menus themselves or in the settings pages.

There is a work around available right now by using the “move placeable” option. This has two problems however, one major, one minor.
The major is that if there is a server error, akin to a soft crash, all placeables moved via this method reset to where they originally were.
The minor is that it makes proper positioning a two step process, when it used to be just one.


Agreed…outline of placeable made a lil’ darker would be nice.

In the past I always had to place stuff 4-5 times or even more anyway to get it right.
I found that in 3.0 this is actually easier, because of that “Move” function… so I just throw it down roughly in place and then use the move function once, which allows far more precision than anything we had before while also showing the change in relation to the current position of the item.
So in my case they are now easier to place by far as I can get it just right in 2 steps as opposed to a lot… it all depends how you’re doing it I guess. I don’t have anything against them not being transparent though


Place them, then move them.
On this one’s platform, an object being moved is opaque.

The ’Move’ functionality is pretty great indeed, but I still find it pops back to the initial position at random times.

I’ve already outlined this as a potential work around, but it has problems on servers, as a crash will revert everything moved with this option back to its original spot.

Plus, it still makes placement a 2 step process. The paved roads added in the Riders of Hyborea DLC are a great example of this for me.

Before 3.0, I could see exactly where the edges would line up and could thus make it nice and neat of the first try. With 3.0, Im finding the edges ridiculously hard to see and even though the move function exists, the road I want to move is completely visible, obstructing my view of the edges in many cases.

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Hmmmm… that’s so weird. Why would the game register the original position a placeable is put into, instead of its current position? It’s like “I don’t remember where I put everything 1 second ago, but I remember where they were 2 years ago”. Doesn’t make any sense.

Yeah I can’t say I quite get the logic, either - the ‘moved to’ position has to be valid anyway. I can only assume it’s some sort of optimization or simply another system added with duct tape. It’s a nice feature though, just oddly implemented.

Servers don’t always update immediately.
This is why, after a disconnect or such, some things revert to a way they were some moment before connectivity is lost.

To say nothing of potentially corrupted data.

In all possibility it is hopping back to the last good data point.

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