Placeables for Architects of Argos DLC

Completely agree @Ko6ka and @Frillen . I actually touched on this myself in the most recent Dev Stream Recap. I would very much like some new variations of the existing Cupboards and Chests as you said. However, I would also like some new, alternative storage options too. Most notably:

  • Chest of Drawers
  • Bookcase
  • Storage Barrels

To compliament the existing types. Especially the chest of drawers.


Bookshelf would be a godsend. I can work around other missing furniture but I’m sorely missing a bookshelf.

Why they don’t make stylish (“dlc like”) furnaces, forges, traps, etc.? :thinking: :thinking:


The update has been delayed. New ETA 16:00 Oslo Time.

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Thats a new thing… PC getting the patch as latest :smiley:

This is the content of the DLC for those stuck waiting:

Find more information here (and ignore the title):

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It is good to know that for once we are not the guinea pigs, reading about the server issues. Consoles always wanted to be first. They can see now what it is like :smile:


Hey all,

Please be aware of this PSA we posted a bit ago:

We’ll update that thread once we’ve got any more news.

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Guess not that soon after all now as its on hold!!

apparently , they found a performance problem AFTER who knows how long it was in testlive.

maybe, testlive servers are not the same as live ones , otherwise someone would have noticed. or maybe testlive servers were deserted , and they (funcom) were unable to find the issue until it hit live servers…

if a problem was found, and the patch just went to xbox and ps4, it also means, this platforms are going to kept themselves with issues , during their internal validation process. (could take days)

i know this is a touchy subject, but UPDATES should always go first to PC, before consoles, (due to the complexity and time needed to validate and apply new patches. ) , or you could potentially find yourself with a problem in your game for several days , while it clears the validation process (a process that does not exist in consoles) -just my 2 cents-

Didnt have time to play, only patch loaded. But it also looks like, the coloring of buidlings have some issues:


Black ice is now “military fortress” :smiley: :smiley:


sad and interesting to say the least lol
sorry you had to experience that.

not included in the year 2… 9.99€ not for me…

I’m already playing with the new DLC on XBOX


I was one of the Testlive Test Players and the performance on Testlive was really good. Didn’t found any issues about performance. But of course we couldn’t test the DLC stuff :innocent: Maybe there is a problem with the DLC , let’s wait till tomorrow and and enjoy the beautiful weather.
And @Palm522: let the console players win this time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Just to inform you the number 12 is inspired from the original statue of Alexander the great on his horse Vukefalas(the name of the horse). When i saw with my son today this statue, electricity pased from my whole body. My son shout, dad this is Alexander the great. So, statue number 12 has a better name than ’ a man on a horse’ and it is fantastic, thank you.


I allready started to fix an arena and my next will be a museum (if my son stops playing fortnite and daddy takes the joystick :joy::joy::joy:). When i finish them i will ask my daughter to help me to send you a photo if you want :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

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Frankly I would do almost anything, or pay almost any price for a Crom themed re-imaging of the Forge (ie-the Blacksmiths Bench).

For CROM!! :mountain_snow: :metal:


nice … view :wink:


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