Placeble buildings and various components improvements

There should really be a system incorporated where you are given the option to retrieve your placed building blocks/wall/temples/wells/etc within 60 seconds of placing it, in case you have placed it wrong. Also, placed furnaces, blacksmiths, and other crafting tables should also be pickable (just like furniture) in case you want to place them temporarily inside your base. This would resolve a lot for the wasted materials when building bases as sometimes things get disorganized.

One other important aspect is the value of upgrading. There is no real reason to upgrade a block if I lose my initial invested resources and I don’t get a material reduction in the new block. The same could be said about destroying one particular foundation at the bottom and losing all the mats from the ones that were on top of it. I love the building system, it just that it feels like a great way to waste resources if you do not plan ahead and minimize the costs, which is not an easy task. The building process should be more fluid and enjoyable rather than regretting the wasted resources if you did a momentary mistake.