Placed thralls and building disappearing after resources and time spent

Building a new keep. Foundation stones, roof tiles, beds, thralls and walls will randomly disappear after a log off and back in.
My resources used to build them will have been spent, but my new build will be partially gone. I have rebuilt once to close off walls, and there are new parts missing.
It is frustrating to say the least.

Still losing foundations, walls, roof, and thralls.
Positive note, though I lost a level 16 thrall I was working on, all her gear was left in a loot bag 3 foundation tiles below where I had her placed.
I have an entire tower that has lost about 10% of its tiles every time I play.
I live the build mechanic of this game.
I wont build until this bug gets fixed, which kills about 1/3 of my enjoyment.

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