Places we will not be


Just read the Discord, Winteryserpent got ‘Eblis bahrain dune, in’
Eblis is the last boss in Hell Eternal
Bahrain is the only island in the middle east
Dune is Frank Herbert’s work

Just got to riff off that now…


I don’t feel bought on the Bahrain part. If one part is wrong it’S that part.
I point out that Middle is written with upper case first letter. May be a hint to think out of the box with that word.


Tron admitted in the Discord channel that’s it’s nearly there! But there’s something about it that everyone’s missing.


So is East

(That isn’t the wrong part)


Ha…I sprang my incredible trap in you admiting the legitime of Bahrain…
On second thought I should have done that for the other two lines too…


Story Discussion on discord has the correct words

But not their meaning


I can’t see this untangling to a clear location, given that it seems to be pointing towards:
[{line 1}{line 2}] = name of sand dune, in [unspecified country we’re going to].


It is much stupider than that


For people not reading the Discord chat, the correct phrase is ‘eblis bahrain dune, in’ now we just have to figure out the meaning :slight_smile:


Time to get out alcohol and get into the right mindset :bingo:


Is it an anagram? or you have to re-write it phonetically? or neither?


So what about the text on the map, does that have anything to do with this riddle?


That is a completely different set of clues


Gotcha, steering clear of that for now then :wink:


While you guys were busy working on riddles, 3 more countries fell: Kenya, Ethiopia, and Namibia.

And a new, interesting map was posted…


Countries in black…
Costa Rica
Cabo Verde
Central African Republic
Cote d’Ivorie (Ivory Coast)


that’s cabo verde, not the canary islands


Corrected :smiley:


Tron hates countries with C and J it seems


16 C’s and 3 J’s