Places we will not be


That’s all countries with C minus Curaçao and mayby congo (Which either is caller republic of congo or democratic republic of congo) and all with Js


ok haiti is out, the carpet is a wakanabi one I belive, does anybody know where the mask on the left side come from?


Could it just be eblis bahrain dune, in the desert? since that is where dunes are :stuck_out_tongue:


Meanwhile on discord…

EvilPinkiePie, Crazy Cat Lady: Eblis- past, Bahrain- present, Dune- future


I like this, a lot.
Revisit old zones on different time periods would satisfy me, as long as we have significant changes and proper missions.


Those are almost certainly subsaharan African of some sort, although I don’t know enough about masks to be more specific.


I’m thinking the answers to the clues are meant to be phonetic.

Eblis Bahrain Dune,in

Eblis I think is meant to be read as “a place”, with the rest of the phrase read similarly.

A place between two nin(?)

A place, a rained in?

Not sure


Discord solved it… AFRICA

Say all the words out loud and add Africa… think Toto Song


Ding ding ding

U did it


on behalf of everyone… GROAN! :laughing:


Do one of these revealed locations include the dream cell we’ll visit after beating each case on this season ?
You know, the choices we’ll make on plain sight of the Watchers and shape the story.


Does that mean we get an updated map without all the countries outside africa left (india etc)?


Great now i have that song stuck in my head. >.> :stuck_out_tongue:


I think this was the whole point of the exercise :stuck_out_tongue:


No because I’m lazy and already drew the maps


Well, don’t i feel stupid for overthinking :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you @TronQuixote for giving us something to do :smiley:


If you want name an African country, name Congo, per example. :v:


No idea mate… I barely know what I’m going to have for lunch most days :smile:


Are the black J and C countries referring to Joseph Conrad?


We can only hope! :heart: :new_moon: in :earth_africa: :congo_kinshasa: