Places we will not be


or it could be John Copley. money still on South African


TRANSMIT - initiate location confirmation signal - RECEIVE - geographic references - WITNESS - Seasonal continuation main storyline


Hide & Shriek 3 confirmed.


This time it’s set in the Park…actually wouldn’t mind that


Let me guess: Congo? :sunglasses:


Berihun and his group are from Cape Town (South Africa) they’re tied to the Tokyo events and the modern Aten cult attempt. They’re stil in shades and have plans in motion. Logically we should investigate Cape Town and look for them.


A town…made solely of capes?

I’m in :smiley:

(yes, I jest)



To think I was listening to a metal cover of this yesterday courtesy of somebody in Sanct… conspiracy theories

I suspect that is all the C’s (except for the two Congos). Curacao is (along with Sint Maarten and Aruba) part of the Netherlands. It probably falls into the same hole that ate Greenland.

Wonder if there’s any connection between JC and SVALXXXX.


Thank you, @TronQuixote , for keeping the spirit of my mentally-damaged Lore riddles back on the old forum alive and well here in SWL.

Well played, Sir.


it is sad that the players who are not on discord are always penalized, as if they could not have the pleasure of looking for the puzzles because the infos are given elsewhere than on the official forum …
Maybe I should stop going on the ts with my guild to go with strangers on a discord. :zipper_mouth_face:


It was discord chat so stick with fellow cabalists on TS, while typing in discord, and following along in forums… embrace the chaos :dragon: :wink:


and for good reason too!



Any chance this is what he is referencing with this?


It’s pretty but… no


So hey, where does a Frenchman tell his English friend to remember to clean behind when taking a bath?


aww you’re just discovering what the redditors went through.
but they were haters right ?


He can’t clean anywhere as a Frenchman has just taken his bath.


sorry I’m not english, I don’t get it.


Hey so

I shared nearly every hint both places - but the nature of a chat server leads to more collaborative puzzle solving than a forum, AND the Discord people brought stuff back here. I’ve put a lot of effort into participating in all our communities for this, and i honestly don’t appreciate being criticized for trying to do something fun. Let’s all be cool friends having fun.