Places we will not be


knowing babye from the french chat, she’s not into critisism.
more a feeling of beeing apart.


Taking can mean to take away or steal.
Bath is short for Bathtub.

As in, the French fellow has taken the English fellows’ bathtub, hence he cannot wash anything.
Most likely the riddle had nothing to do with my little bit of wordplay, I just thought it was funny.


awww I get it now, thanks :slight_smile:


I like your solutions - mine was simply thematical for Season 2 : the Frenchman tells the Englishman to make sure he washes behind “Ze Eer”! :stuck_out_tongue:


ho god, I don’t get it too.
Edit : I got ze eer but not related to s02


It also looks like the Russian island of Sakhalin is in black as well. (The big island north of Japan)


Yeah I saw that, I think that Tron maybe got a little too enthusiastic when colouring in? :smiley: I’m sure he’ll confirm/deny it


I miss the rains on the moon! Right? Right?

. . . I just really want to follow up on the Choose Your Own mission in Kaidan.


cough Zaire cough cough dies from consumption


I was just reflecting on all the reasons I love this game tonight, as this game has made it completely normal for me to be doing things like reading the Svalbard treaty and the history surrounding it in my spare time.


I know I’ve been trying too hard to figure out the Secret World when I end up in the weird part of the internet :smiley:


The same here. I’d say more, but I don’t what them to know. They probably already know, you know?


i did not realize that was part of Russia

I am doing these very fast during my work day lol


local reaction…


Thanks, Tron! I have nothing but admiration for anyone who’s willing to commit so much time and effort for such a ridiculous joke. Congratulations, man.


Hey, fellas! I continu my quest for Congo. No way if it’s not the right place and that make me like a dumb.

I’ve just found this with “secret of congo and sun cultist” as keywords in my friend Google, and tadaaam:

Secret of the Congo

and optionaly, in the G answers there is this site too I see the first time with some informations about the Secret World.


As you goofs surmised yesterday, Asia is out. So no Bangladesh, India, China, Cambodia, Thailand.

And also, we’ve eliminated the country of Niger from our last remaining continent.

Only 23 countries left…


Ah man! Right in the take-out food! :takeout_box::fortune_cookie::fried_shrimp::chopsticks::curry::rice:


New message on the map - “a horse’s toy” (in green) - it’s at the bottom-centre.


And Uganda.

We must be going to Uganda.

Surely it’s the ultimate red herring your list doesn’t even include Uganda!