Places we will not be


Huh, not sure how I missed that one. Weird.


Let us shed a tear for all the fallen countries so far. :cry:
Press F to show respect.
Here’s a a playlist of the national anthems to listen to, while imagining what could have been:


Following the developments on that map, the only thing I can say for sure is that the Templars are winning the secret war.


Thursday - SVAL(BARD) - A HORSES TOY (Soothsayer)

Ides of March is the 15th, which is this Thursday.


I got the 3 separate clues, but how did you get to the Ides of March?


JBento on Discord said that : “and the Soothsayer in the play “Julius Caesar” (JC) by William Shakespeare (the Bard) tells him to beware the ides of March”
If it can help.


ahhhhhhh :smiley: Nice!


Thursday (Hitchhikers Video @ )
BARD (SVALXXXX is suspiciously northernly, and the Ark has been in the news lately)
A HORSES TOY (lack of punctuation led to anagram solver, SOOTHSAYER)
Soothsayer connects to Bard, from too damn many Shakespeare classes.

The Soothsayer in Julius Caesar warns of The Ides of March (Mar 15)
In this case, that’d be next Thursday.

Whether the Soothsayer’s lines about time of day, ‘the ninth hour’ are relevant or not, I dunno, because timezones. GDC time? Or the usual Eastern? Or what.


Something I brought up somewhere else is that Svalbard - specifically Pyramiden in Svalbard - has featured in TSW’s mythos before.

Particularly, in Pyramiden is where Nicolas Belmont and Roald Amundsen first discovered their way into Agartha, while actually in search of something on the complete other spectrum in Antarctica. It was the whole point of one of the pre-release ARGs, I think it was back in 2009?

Either way, when “SVALXXXX” came up, it immediately called me back to that and I got super giddy. Not sure if it’s an intentional call-back, but if it is, that makes me really happy since Wagtail’s still a loose story point even after Tokyo.


So we’re going to Rome now? confused Does this mean we have to complete All Roads lead to Rome mission?


Nah, nothing to do with Rome, that was just a riddle of sorts posted by Tron. We’re definitely off to Africa!


Ironically, the cult of Sol Invictus marched all the way down to deep Africa after being ousted in the proper Roman Empire, iirc. :wink:


He’s right you know! :smiley:



So, between the lore, the other in-game hints, the longstanding rumors, and now the devs confirming that the next bit of story content is in Africa, I think it’s safe to say at this point that it’s the Congo.

Specifically, a dark bend in the Congo River. Where there is a well. A well that runs deep. And which has a voice in it. A voice that runs from deep time.


Will be happy to see anything new.

Not overly thrilled (and sadly not even remotely surprised) to be revisiting the African continent again when South America, Australia and Antartica (personal favourite) were available and still unvisited.

Too bad it’s still barely worth revisiting any of the lower level zones. Might be more worthwhile if the same crappy chance at keys applied to side missions in all zones. Sadly, the only thing that makes the container key drop rate look good is the Agent drop rate.

Anyway, enough complaining on my part. No intent to crap all over this thread and the decent job Tron is doing to help pass the time.


As much as I enjoy the idea of a Guatemalan dreamer and a dreamer under Uluru, Africa really is a hot-bed of historical consequence and it’s been drummed up since the start beyond just Egypt.

Antarctica… Well, I’d imagine we’ll one day go to the city itself, but I just can’t imagine it as a whole zone. Something of the scale of Orochi Tower may fit very well for the city-under-the-ice.


Yeah, but maybe the zone after the new Africa zone will be in South or Central America. I would be particularly partial to Mexico or Brazil since I have friends there. :smile:


To be honest I have no issue with them revisiting any of the continents other than a new area would be interesting and, naturally, the fact that they said not on the same continent as previous. I don’t mind delays in content but going the opposite direction to what they’d said sticks in my craw.


lol yeah, they misspoke about the continent thing, like when was it? four-five months ago? I don’t remember what that whole thing was. regardless, they got our hopes up for South America or Australia.


Alright everyone, I found the play-field for season 2 and get this. It’s still in Tampa.