Places we will not be


that will be cool, you can log into game as a quick way to visit your friends


Tomorrow’s Country Announcement will not be until 2PM. It’s a big day.


is that going to be in the form of a dev stream?
Also 2pm in what time zone? As an Aussie I need to know what time to stay up until :stuck_out_tongue:


The jungle calls!


Why would/should they use/visit a new continent just to check it off a list? It’s not like a continent has just one type of biodome or myths or whatever.


When we have visited hte Africa? I don’t remember.


Egypt is a part of Africa and “The last train to Kairo” should ring a bell or two.


Egypt was in africa. Even thought a completly diffrent biome.


Oh! Sure! I’m dumb sometimes.
But this time it’s in “Afrique Noire”. Not the same place, culture and myths.


Well it might be on the continent but it is considered Middle East.


The new zone is in fact the reveal of a spinoff game for childrens called “My Little Secret World”, it’s an educative app in which you solve math problems in kingsmouth to collect cute images of monsters.


It’s considered transcontinental, in terms of continent. Like russia is European as much as Asian, and Trukey is European and Asian.
Normally people put it into the africa bin since most of it’s landmass etc is on the african side, the reverse is true about russia who is considered mostly european while most of it’s landmass sits in asia.

So or so at the end of the day it’s just splitting hairs and one can grow old doing that.


ofc :grin:
and so much fun :yum:


Would play +1 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Didn’t say they should. Said that they said they were for the next chapter/zone/whatever.


T-minus 15 minutes!!!



cut the grey wire




We are not going to:
Central African Republic
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Republic of the Congo
South Sudan