Places we will not be


For everyone that believed it was Congo:


Looks like i’m going to win that bet…oh wait i forgot to bet that it would be South Africa.


The plans may changed but I remember Tilty or Scriv mentioned that before we will go to REDACTED there will be short trip to REDACTED. Something similar as we went to Venice first and then to Tokyo.


The Congo is not in the upcoming update.

None of the 9 countries in the Congo basin.

It doesn’t mean we won’t go there eventually, but it won’t be in the next update.


And then there was 14…that doesn’t work as well with bigger numbers


It’s Tam-go, in the Con-pa basin :face_with_monocle::joy:


And once again, Uganda, which is not in the Congo basin, vanished off the list.

Just admit it’s Uganda already!





GREAT! Now I have a lot of property in the Congo to unload that I bought on speculation…


I feel like this could have been the chance to go “CONG-NO”.


Sanae IV, South Africa! :antarctica: :smiley:


Oddly, there are 14 countries left, just as there are 14 days til the next devstream, right? Well, about that anyway.


I’m happy we’re not rushing to the Congo. As the days went by, I feared we would be heading towards another Tokyo nestegg sort of place.

Plus, I really liked the idea of Tunisia for the Phoenician connection.

Truly, we’re officially in the days of getting new and exciting content.


Hmm. Mali has some history on it. Timbuktu and all that.


On a more serious note, Djibouti does have a small, sort of hidden Gulf, which would probably make a nice place to offload some relics which had been shipped from Egypt. I mean if you were trying to keep your relics hidden and stuff. Then they could probably divided up and taken by land routes to The Congo or South Africa (not before causing mayhem, chaos and various shenanigans in Djibouti… and I just realized how that sounded).


Gettin’ serious about dat 'Bouti


The easiest probably would be to ship on a major shipping route. so either egypt or south africa…I thing ivory coast has a larger port to.
Thing is it’s easier to hide stuff among thousands of shipments than going for a smaller port and once it’s on the see they can just ship it everywhere even to new carthage.
At least that was my thought on it back when it was discussed in discords story thread.


Also, as someone who has been down by Benin and Nigeria, I’d love that to be the place. I mean, it’s the birthplace of voodoo and all.


Little addition to my previous post:
Here you can see where which amount of shipping goes around so you see the major routes and ports clearly