Places we will not be


I get in from work and see the Congo taken down… One is not amused.


King Kong on Skull Island!


Mad Max? They filmed Fury Road in Namibia. That’s already off the list, though.


All the C’s and J’s are blacked out. Probably significant, but it could just be a red/black herring.


The new iteration of the map says: “BEWARE THE IDES”, which was already referenced in a previous hint and suggests we should be looking out for March 15th, and “Mad Max???”

The Mad Max hint is over Australia, where Mad Max is set.

Curiously, the film Mad Max: Fury Road had a debacle in Africa during filming! In the Namib Desert, in fact!

But that’s not what’s really striking about the Mad Max hint.

In Mad Max, the water has vanished. Earth is a dry post-apocalyptic desert wasteland.

Soon, Cape Town will be the first major city in the world to run out of water. Soon, Cape Town will have its own ‘Mad Max’ scenario.

While recent news suggests Cape Town may be able to delay this if there’s rain and water conservation efforts continue, they’re still reaching ever closer to Day Zero.


I think that was for the Julius Caesar part of the puzzle.


J C - Julius Caesar. Part of the Ides of March solution


This thread has become devilish :japanese_ogre:


In case anyone forgot, Tilty posted this in December. I wanna say SA now, but the Congo being ruled out has shattered my digital world :stuck_out_tongue:


Suddenly I get a feeling we might visit a region where they can… reuse SC/CotSG assets…


The loss of the Congo makes me feel…



They definitly will reuse assets. Look around in Kaidan…that one is full of reused assets, enemies and other stuff.
That said we probably also get a lot new stuff.


There’s Kingsmouth water in Egypt, and somewhere that wasn’t Kaidan I definitely saw what looked like Japanese newspapers.


But the upcoming Season 2 makes me feel



More like


I was thinking specifically along the lines of sand, sand and more sand.


I think what really made me realize the level of reused stuff: The drunken debuff from Nightmare in dream palace is identical with the hex from returning the book in innsmouth (from the janitor spawn to the library).
Oni assasins made there debut in hell fallen, apes share a rig with zmeu…and so on


reused assets just means we’re working smart :wink:


Tunisia, baby. Someone mentioned that Chott el Djerid in Tunisia was a potential film location for Fury Road. Also, ever since that one poster reminded about the Phoenician connection in Tunisia, I have been secretly rooting for Tunisia ever since.



I understand, but I would really not like to end like the update will look like exactly as the “missing” third part of Egypt. :frowning:

Anyway Ethiopia was ruled out? The whole archa mystery would fit perfectly to SWL. And Egypt assets and landscape would need only few tweaks.