Places we will not be


I know, I know. Reuse of assets is a good and cheap strategy, and should be welcomed if done right. However, as Egypt is my least favourite zone and biome, I really don’t hope for a new desert area.

(And as a tangent, using reusing werewolves as Kitties of Ulthar was stretching it :P)


If we end up in South Africa, I want vuvuzelas for all! :loud_sound:




You and me, we have a problem.


Same feelings. And I have to say that screenshot makes me worried.

I had hopes for totally different landscape and different feel of new zone. Well, it looks like this will not happen.


Anyone else notice today’s map? -
“Mad Max ???” in purple
“a horses toy” (anagram of soothsayer) in green

Just missing red text.


You and me both. While I am glad we’re getting new content (3 years in the making!), It’s pretty disappointing seeing one that’s been hinted at since the Polaris Dungeon and in to Tokyo not make it as our next stop. The going idea is Tunisia, and if that’s the case…I am hopeful the story and characters are awesome, because I have absolutely no interest in that country whatsoever, haha.


Maybe the red text is there… on a red background.


Phoenicians. Also, we’re going to the Congo for certain at some point, but it is obviously the finale location.

Also, nobody had a single care about going to Transylvania back when the game first came out and look what happened there - it’s a favorite locale for many.


Well, what I remember. Congo was definitively not meant to be story “finale” or any far later part. On the contrary it was said Phoenicians are meant to take important part in the very late part of story.


Season one made sense for all areas given their supernatural/oddity ties: New England/America is known for zombies and Lovecraftian horror, Egypt is known for mummies and with it’s ME influence, jinn, Transylvania is known for it’s ancient forests, vampires, and werewolves. TSW built Tokyo into the filth story, and Japan as a whole is known for demons, spirits, and other monsters like Godzilla. Without doing a google search, what weird stuff is Tunisia known for?


Egyptian assets?


Throwing a bit more fuel on the hype.

SOOTHSAYER Beware the ides of March.
CAESAR He is a dreamer. Let us leave him.
('Julius Caesar", Act 1, Scene 2)


Julius Caeser ordered the rebuilding of Carthage. (It had been previously destroyed in a war with Rome.)


Wasn’t all that solved some time ago up there? ^


Yep, just noting the dreamer reference.


the worst sprint


Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam.

For Secret World, that’s really all it takes.


“Furthermore, I am of the opinion that Carthage should be destroyed.”

It really is. Tunisia was one of the historical seats of the Phoenicians. If we’re going there, we’re scenting out the Purple.

This might not seem like much at first glance, but there’s an old series of ARGs that came right before release involving a neutral faction called the Sanctuary of Secrets.

They were kind of a big deal. Debatably a huge deal, except they never showed up at all in the game despite featuring heavily in the final teasers leading up to TSW’s release. Also, they came in hot at the heels of Aveline Belmont’s saga, which did make it in.

Then later when “Choose Your Own” came out and introduced the idea of The Swarm and The Hive, there was a resurgence of theories around the Sanctuary of Secrets.

Why does any of this matter and what does it have to do with the Phoenicians, you ask? The Phoenicians were historically the guardians of Greece and the Sanctuary of Secrets - until 2011 when the Council of Venice and the Phoenicians apparently had a skirmish under the cover of the 2011 Greek protests.

So, if we do go to Tunisia? I expect a bone thrown at us in regards to that old series of ARGs; historical seat of the Purple People Eaters that’s right across the way from Greece? Come on.


BTW - I still have my SoS token. You never know.