Places we will not be


Right? You never know. Something-something puzzle raid.


Damn! now you remind me we still need Vault Access!


Vault Access has been revoked! We know too much and the Big Three know it!

On a serious note, we haven’t gotten our rank-up missions back. Sign of intent or sign of the times? We’ll just have to wait and see. Beware the Ides of March, folks.


I thought the agent system would be the coming back of the rank up missions of our factions.
Disappointment is what i got.


We will get more faction mission up ranks with the new season I think. Though how they would implement it is difficult to say, since it was kind of tied to level, so unless they raise the level cap, it will probably be tied to the completion of story missions.


Placing Djibouti into consideration renews my interest in Ethiopia as the second destination in chapter 2. Ethiopia is completely land-locked and Djibouti is its major source of supplies by sea. It is very commercial and has an efficient railway system direct into Ethiopia. It could be like Venice that preceded Tokyo. My choice for chapter 3 now becomes the Congo basin once we have followed all the clues in these countries.


Has Zimbabwe been eliminated yet?
Because if it hasn’t, then:

would make a truly epic site for a map. Basically Africa’s answer to The City Of The Sun God.
If you read all the way down to the Myths and Legends of the founding of the City, then, WOW. It can’t NOT be a feature of the game, at least at some point.

This is getting good. There is a Great Zimbabwe University witch features the Herbert Chitepo Law School , named after one of the founders of modern Zimbabwe.


Dr. Bannerman has one inside his house. Pretty sure they’re also elsewhere, but that’s the one I remember off the top of my head.

But yeah–work smarter, not harder. (But also be clever where possible, because I genuinely love screeching in horror when I find stuff like…a Red Hand crate outside Transylvania. Because everywhere I’ve seen them so far can be extrapolated to make sense, and feel deliberately placed. Delicious environmental storytelling. :heart:)


I had forgotten about this. I wonder if they are the fifth founding faction mentioned in the lore. I keep wondering who the fifth group is.

(I also keep wondering who the other factions are. The only other group I recall offhand in the game are the Druids, but that’s another rabbit hole.)


The Druids, Freemasons, and an unnamed faction all have representatives wandering around Venice.


It would certainly make sense for the SoS to be a founding faction. But that also has the very, very unfortunate circumstance of a faction that has effectively disbanded and attacked by the majority of others.




Weird, the spoiler dropdown let it exceed thumbnail size limitations. It’s a fullbody photo, click to see my cool glove and the rest of my scars!


That’s sick, holy crap.


Clearly I need to re-visit Venice! Thanks for the information!


Its so sad we don’t visit Venice this much.
The Map is beautiful, the music is beautiful and actually it is the second place in the game where you see children.

Before scen was put in AF we needed to travel to Venice to start a scen.

Back to topic
I do believe we are in Mali


One day I have to find the answer why it is called the “sunken library”…while clearly not being under water.


Dear Tron,
Thank you for entertaining us the last weeks via this amusing guess where we go mini game.
Tbh you kept me in the game I even started to patronize again.
It was the right decision to allow you not to tell us where we are going but to tell us where we are not going (backside of moon really of the table?:wink:) I really appreciate the work you invested here.
This communication is what your community needs. We need your post and comments so we feel heard. You give us the feeling to be involved and that’s very important.
So open question you did this all on your own? So was it your idea and they just said, give it a try?

Thank you Tron


Yay! Finally some details



And here i thought we had to wait longer:o That trailer looks awesome :smiley: Now i can’t wait, watch out Morninglight, we are coming for you!