Places we will not be


south Africa it is
Dawn of the Morninglight is a completely free update that launches on April 4th 2018.


There’s extra clues on the map!


TRANSMIT - initiate the squeeing frequency - RECEIVE - initiate the flailing protocol - IF THERE ARE DREAMS ABOUT A BEAUTIFUL SOUTH AFRICA - initiate the fanboy syntax - IT SEEMS TO OFFER A STIMULATING SENSE THAT ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE - flip the ace of ruin - WITNESS - Dawn of the Morninglight


My all-consuming body is ready


Pros from trailer:

finally continuation of the story
looks like we will get finaly several new creatures
deeper info abou Morninglight

the design of new zone does not look somehow exciting…


I’m intrigued. Need to start putting a zef costume together and a hardcore ninja build.


Jim Jones … oups! Philip Marquard, here we are!


Yeah. It is understandable though that they would want to do something simple to design and build. A jungle region will take a lot more art and design resources I bet.


Hi everyone.

Thanks for humoring me these past several weeks. This has been a real treat for me to drop hints and string you guys along. I hope you guys had half as much fun as I did.


CALLED IT! That was a fun ride, now to wait until Q2.


Was an outstanding effort! had a blast.


Sure, it was funny as hell!
And as I let you understand yesterday, my attitude was only for making animation as well.

Ty, Tron.


Thank you @TronQuixote ! This was a lot of fun.


It kept me entertained and I found like-minded people. Thanks Tron!


So hyped! I’m really looking forward to the new content!

Are we getting new outfits too? Need to look my best when I come strutting through. :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t stand to sing and camp.

Like them


It IS underground, though.


Because, as Venice, the library sink little by litle. There’s water flooding by the walls.
And it’s a metaphor for the Venice Council.


The vuvuzelas are coming…


The use of vuvuzelas will flag your for open world PvP.