Places we will not be


ohhhh but the places they can be inserted :joy:


The Vuvuzela Of Valere: Calling forth long dead PvP Modes to save the Game at the End Of Days. Dev. Disinterest Is No Bar To My Call

Yes, I am a Robert Jordan fan. Why do you ask?


Looks at locations removed 3/13. Looks at SWL launcher news. Looks back at locations

Uhhhh South Africa but also not South Africa?


The later versions of the list turned into places we might still be going instead of places that had been eliminated since by that point there were far fewer countries that were still an option than countries we’d cut.


Thank you very much for the map. We start again for the next zone :wink:


Your vuvuzela idea can go die in a fire. After it has been swarmed by fire ants.