Placing walls on the sides of existing foundations

It CAN be done… Sort of… But I don’t understand the whys of it. Turns out if you are in the desert where you started you can place the foundations then place walls on the sides of them. Otherwise, the only way you can put walls on foundations is to place a foundation, place walls on top, then fill it with the other foundation.

I have a video showing the problem.

Hey dude,
[EDIT] watched the vid and you are right.

I noticed it playing it happened random, and i was like hey wth.
This was in the normal map tho, but cant remember where.

But i could not repoduce it another day so i let it roll

I’m guessing not, but to be certain, are you using Less Building Placement Restrictions or any of the varients? Cause if not, you can do what you want with LBPROE, or LBPROENNC, or LBPR + The collision add-on.


The mod author of said mods.

I’m using the regular LBPR I will have to look into the other varients.

Feel free to leave a comment on any of the pages if you have questions. Easier for me to spot them that way then on here.

To Funcom and anybody else:

As the user has reported to using LBPR, I know the cause of this bug. The area he is trying to build in is a restricted area, which of course LBPR lifts. However, a bug with the mod is that, even though wall Overlaps is turned off in the standard version of LBPR, in restrictive areas such as caves, NPC camps, or this particular area, wall overlaps are turned on unintentionally (it’s a side effect to lifting a bunch of those restrictions) . It also causes that extra extra wall overlap seen in the video, where building a wall on another wall doesn’t upgrade it (also a bug with my collision add-on, but that’s another subject).

Basically, I know about the bug, it’s been around for a while and something I just haven’t been able to fix yet.

From what you are saying, then everywhere above the starter desert is a restricted area… I have not found any location above the Omega line (Conan Coords Mod) where I can place walls on the sides of foundations.

If you watch the linked video, you will see there are no camps or anything within miles of me, so the area should not be marked as restricted.

Edit: I’ll check more locations, but I’ve not found any yet that work above Omega.

You misunderstand. It’s a bug with LBPR, I have this documented on the mod page itself. When you are in a normal building zone, you cannot wall overlap as you indicate. The moment you enter certain areas that are restrictive (not all), then you get this bug. Another example is to try and do this at the Exile caves with brimstone. The area you are I’m the video obviously has a restriction area, the invisible line in the Sand you indicate. You pass that barrier, and now you are in a normal build zone.

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