Planning an AO Tier Armor Video

As some might have discovered theres no site at all which shows all Tier Armors.
How about making a Video for YT where we would show all AO Tier Armors.
I would love to do that.
Problem is, i just got Faithful Fixer and NT and working on Trader.
I bet there are ppl which have other Sets ready for show off.
Plz comment or even better send be a forum mail if u wanna be part of that project.
I then try to get all together and make the Vid in 4k.

P.S.: Feel free to post screenshots in here too.

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too bad tier armor was made 99% obsolete when they added in the OFAB gear, and then when they made the armor tradeable that really put the nail in the coffin for our lovely tier sets.

Very good idea indeed, Chosen and Faithful : sooO many good “souvenirs” in those catacombs and do not forget the Frn farming (tag Unique) ^^.

Up in your Vid if you need, with full sets both Ma Omni and Clan.

Imaginya - Stikine


Not unique anymore, farm away. :sunglasses:

That’s why i called them good “souvenirs” :wink: Bring a toon trade, go refarm :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, i found 1,5 bag of them if someone need them (free) to be able to be in Ze Vid.

NB: Trader Chosen is my favorite !

The tier armour has been 99% simply cosmetic since the AI expansion, hence nobody really “needs” to get any for their toons other than for looks; hence why other than AOU’s tier armour guides there isn’t a lot of coverage on it.

I made tier armor for my shade a few years back, but wouldn’t want to spend the time on it for all the other classes I play.

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

I could quickly create such a video, many people in my guild still have tier armour in bags etc.
But I’ve never had it mentioned on any of the thousand or so AO videos I’ve published.
(some of the stuff I have been asked for is pretty strange though lol)

Same for me, thats why i thought it’s a good idea to ask the community for help.

Sounds good, i would appreciate that.
As said, there’s really no resource on the whole internet where you can see them all.

Tier armor can be spawned on test server guys, much quicker!

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1000 Thanks Jack, i am on it. And now i know i definately want Adventurer T3 :sunglasses:
That reminds me of CASarmor’s post. Yes, if u really want to give away the FRN’s i would be happy to take em.
Must have that Adv T3 now :heart_eyes:

So no one went onto test server and did it? It wouldn’t take long.

It’s done


Nicely done :blush:

Good effort, I did hope replying “probably January” would be enough of a catalyst for you. :wink: