Plans and Patches for next week [Week of the 18h of February 2019]

Hello Exiles and happy Friday!

Hopefully all of you have some free time ahead for playing or enjoying other activities.
In good tradition, we wanted to quickly update on what you can expect for next week:


On Monday (18th of February) afternoon CET we do have a patch for both PS4 and Xbox One. This is a hotfix to address hitching and performance. We will post patch notes in the Xbox one and PS4 Sections accordingly. (:white_check_mark:)


UPDATE 18.02.2019: After a round of internal testing of the current Testlive build we encountered some additional critical issues. We do not feel comfortable patching Testlive to the live PC branch with these issues, so we have decided to move the release of the patch so we can address them accordingly.
After this mornings final test we noticed some issues linked to building when in vicinity of another player. We would like to address this first which means the patch will be delayed by another day. The patch is now targeted for release on Tuesday at 3pm CET. Apologies for the delay!

Original post: During this week, we plan to have the current big TestLive Patch go out to PC. Patch notes will of course also be posted accordingly to the PC forum.


After we’ve deployed the current TestLive build to the Live Servers we will also try to get many more balancing changes, as well as the new VOIP system, to TestLive. We hope many of you will be interested in testing it out and give us feedback. Here is the rundown of how to access our TestLive Servers.

Thank you for your patience, ongoing support and feedback. Many, if not all of the fixes and updates are in direct relations to your reports. We really appreciate your help with testing and your passion for Conan Exiles :slight_smile: