Player being kicked from server every few minutes

Dear Funcom Dev’s - Any advice please…

I’m hosting a private PvE-C server here in the UK. We have many active players, those seem to be people in the UK and around the EU. They are all able to connect and play just fine. I have reports from them that they are getting ping connections ranging from 20-80

I have one player in China who has chosen to use our server as he is English speaking, and doesn’t want to play with the Aussies or Korean’s :slight_smile:

His trouble is that he can connect and then after a while will lose connection to the server. Sometimes its as little as 1 min. He has told me that his ping ranges from 200-300 - Could this be his problem?

If it is, can I set my server to give a longer delay before it kicks him out?

He has also told me that this issue happens to most Official servers in the EU for him.

What advice can you give us please.

I have just learnt he is connected using Wifi, but he says its a good connection. He can’t use a cable.

Check toy server ini settings and look for ‘MaxAllowedPing=0’. If it is set to 0 you have no limit. If so then adjust as necessary. The GPortal servers/offical default to lock out high ping players. This spots Chinese players from playing on offical servers outside their region.

Also check the below settings.


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